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Jul 15

A Travelling Success!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


We are surrounded by Technology, it is such a big part of our life's these days and so integrated into it, that we don't even see it anymore. It is everywhere, watches, cars, cell phones, planes, boats and even teddy bears. If you look at the last few months news, you will see the current situation with Nation Wide Airlines, you can count it as a success story if your flight made it successfully to the lading strip, or as a big disaster if it did not, but lets rather not go there.

Jun 12

My Digital Cop!!!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 

I just read this very interesting article on News24 : Cops go hi-tech on the road. It is really worth the read.

The system they are talking about I have actually seen. It was a Metro Mazda Double Cab bakkie, fitted with 8 cameras on the roof, three in front and one on each side of the vehicle. At the time it made no sense at all, but after I have read the article it is all clear now.

This is the type of crime fighting engineering SA needs, stop talking about possible solutions and just go out and do it. This way all the illegal people on the road will be get rid off and boy, I have to go pay all my fines now. But is it cool, at least you can see that they are doing something about the problem on the roads and all these stolen vehicles.

The metro gets two thumbs up from me and I will support this initiative of theirs.


Jun 10

You Created Rapists!!!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


Reading through the blogs, about men being friends with what not and reading through the headline stories of news papers. I realised that there are allot of sex driven people out there. People who need it, or want it, just because it is socially acceptable and a living standard these days.

If you are 25 years old and never decked a girl or guy before, you are labelled as conservative or even in more serious case, you are pushed out of a group of people, who you thought to be your friends, and made fun of.

May 29

Standard Bank & Service

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


This is not something you would normally or want to use in the same sentence. I was at the bank just now, to change a debit order date, which I’ve tried to change since I got the amount to go off. The debit order when down the first month on the correct date, from there on they decided which date I should go off on. After a complain to, Standard Bank was fast to assist me in some of my problems, which the debit order was one of them. Last month I was supposed to go of on the 10th, the date it had gone off on the previous month,  but no, it went of on the 11th.

May 27

Humans Are Equal!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


So playing the race card and annoying some people who only see what the want to see, or see what they are forced to see, here I go again...

Apartheid, it is necessary.... BUT WHY CAN YOU SAY THIS? Because I can.

If you want apartheid out, you are going to have to get rid of all forms of apartheid... Like:

Men’s And Woman’s toilets... That is apartheid there for you...
Black Journalist Forums... What’s good for one is good for everybody...
Paraplegic Parking spaces... Hey I want to stop in front of the shops too...
Different makes of cars... No discrimination...
Clothes... All has to be treated the same...
And I can go on and on about this...

There is a reason there should be apartheid... can't you see... it is so that you can differentiate between two things...

If you want apartheid out, completely, then there has to be no mention between black or white, Afrikaans or English, Sotho or Zulu.

All of us has to wear the same clothes, speak the same language, drive the same car...

What do they want by pushing apartheid out, they want to create a world where all is the same according to their standards... some in, some out...

In theory you will never get rid of apartheid, it is a way of life and it is necessary...

Racism on the other hand is a different story... But more on this a bit later...



May 27

Kick The Minority In The Nuts!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


This is the class I find myself in, the Minority. Why? Because I am!

May 21

All Farm Attack Was Planned, By Government!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


Theory Number Two for the day...

I'm on a roll... so here it goes...

Farm attacks only start to take place or increased dramatically after the 1994 elections. Why is this...?

Pre 1994 or at least 1992... There was more disadvantaged people than after or now... But still there was not as much or any attacks as post 1992...


This is how it goes...

Government sees something they want... In this case "A nice farm"

They can't just take it from them, they need to do it legally...

So next, they create a problem... In this case "Organise farm attacks"

To scare farmers, so that they don't want to stay...

Next step, they make an offer to the farmer to buy his farm...

Farmer excepts the offer and moves to town

Nice plan...



May 21

Xenophobia Or Planned Attacks?

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


Ok, so this is my little theory...

A few years back, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, had this little thing she did, where she killing or more specific strangled people that did not do what she wanted them to do.  This was more focused on when there was a strike to take place, these little operations of discipline was acted out...

Now what does this have to do with the current attacks on foreigners?

Well, foreign labour is cheap.  Cheaper than normal cheap labour if you do understand what I say. With non-South Africans, there is no need for UIF registration, PAYE registration or any union moneys. Where most of those apply when you are a South African. So most foreign workers work on a contract base and is very thankful for the little money they receive for a days work. Where on the other hand SA workers strike to get more... So the effect is that more foreign nationals is employed. This causing less SA people working for big companies, so when a strike happens, less people (SA people) is striking, making the strike less effective than a previous strike. Foreign national don't strike, they work... Which does not fall into the plan of the set Unions...

So, what to do when you are confronted with a problem? You get rid of the problem. You attack it with full force and leave a trail of destruction in your path. Making your point come across strong.

Can you see where am I going with this? If you don't you are probably blind or did not open your eyes at birth. Or you could just be so gullible to think nothing is wrong or nothing is going to happen...

Well this is just my Conspiracy Theory for the day...

The government is behind it all, or more specific the ANC is behind it all... Playing innocent...



May 16

Kill The Immigrants!!!

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 

A little news fabrication from my side...

Yesterday afternoon a fight broke out between the residents of the upper class suburb in Centurion. People started burning houses, beating fellow citizens and killing others.

This attack comes after some people in the community accused immigrants of stealing houses and jobs. Most of the immigrants comes from the USA and UK. They came here to flee the depression in their country and to start a new beginning here.

Most of them made a big success of it and own multi million rand companies. They worked hard for what they achieved, but some local residents could not see that.

**Please note that this is not a true story, but came from my wonderful imagination**

But is does not sound right, does it? I wonder why?


May 08

Charmed's A - Z Game

Posted by Shiny in Untagged 


A        -        Age: 100 - 50 / 2
B        -        Birthplace:  Artic

C        -        Car: VW Polo

D        -        Day or Night: Noon

E        -        Eyes: Blue

F        -        Food: Pizza

G        -        Gum: Sugar Pot
H        -        Height: 1.86cm
I         -        Ice cream: Sugar Cone

J        -        Jewellery: Watch

K        -        Kickboxing or karate: Belly Dancing

L        -        Longest car ride: CT - JHB - One day
M       -        McD's or BK: MacDonalds
N        -        Number of siblings: 1 older, one younger

O        -        One wish: Everybody would stop wishing so that i can wish

P        -        Place you'd like to live: Tropical Island

Q        -        Quail: WTF???

R        -        Radio station: The one that plays a cool song

S        -        Smoked: Cigarettes

T        -        TV: =  DVD and Playstation

U        -        Unpredictable: Farting while kissing

V        -        Veg you hate / love: Butternut

W       -        Worst feeling: Getting Dumped

X        -        X-Rays: Do they come in glasses

Y        -        You: Me and  Everybody...

Z        -        Zodiac sign: Capricorn... Steenbok...

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