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All the best things in life are fun (if not particularly healthy). I'm making it my quest to track down innovative ways of encouraging positive action by the everyday person through gamification. If I don't track something down, I'll resort to cool gadgets and games that I think you ought to hear about.
Nov 30

Irrational Motivation

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Now I know the title to this is kind of obvious. Wait - you don't think it's obvious?

Sep 01

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a bit of a let down... (Review)

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Deus Ex - Human Revolution

For those not familiar with the Deus Ex style, it typically features heavily choice based game play, multiple approaches to every single task you can do, and most importantly: hidden secret societies engaged in secret wars over technological and economic balance.

Deus Ex and Deus Ex: The Invisible War, both featured your character being the recipient of nano technological modifications, allowing you to upgrade certain systems present in your body, for the furthering of your means. This is still so in Human Revolution, however, as it is the prequel to Deus Ex, you can kiss nano-technology goodbye. 


Aug 28

In Short: Gamification platform goes cloud

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Bunchball, the self-declared "inventors of gamification" has pushed the boundaries of gamification propagation with it's release of Nitro for

Jul 22

Are you there?

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 How well can we communicate through digital means? What about body language? Facial Expression? Location?

“¼ people pay attention in conference calls”, says Philip Vanhoutte, Managing Director EMEA of Plantronics. Several studies over the past decade consolidate this view, with some listing as little as 10% paying full attention.


Jul 22

ITWeb Work Experience - Last Day

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Well, it's been an experience.
I've fallen just short of my story a day objective, but I might be able to push myself with a few feature/portal submissions!

Jul 15

Zuma promotes daughters TV show on Twitter

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Earlier today the SA President's Office official Twitter account decided that it should promote the upcoming show "It's for Life" on DSTV 107 (at 7PM).
The twist of the matter is (beyond the fact that people follow the SAPresident account for presidential announcements, not show recommendations) is that two of Zuma's daughters feature in the show.

But, can we complain? What is expected of public figures on Twitter, certaintly the account can no-longer claim to represent the Presidential Office, or Zuma in his role as President, because he has clearly used it to promote his family members personal interests.

Jul 12

ITWeb Work Experience - Day 2

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The novelty of having a phone has worn off a bit. Same goes for the official email address.
The work however. The work is still good!

I managed to get my first article  for ITWeb published today, interviewing  ITWeb employee Joe Diedericks about his recent win in the Blackberry App Master Challenge. You might see MyDigitalLife's version here, and I have to say, I prefer my headline. :D

Jul 11

Working at ITWeb - Introduction

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You know you're coming up in the world when you get your own office phone and extension. Well - maybe that's not that impressive - but it is to me. I haven't had a land-line in years (thanks to University life) so actually having a phone sitting here makes me feel secure. As my cleverly chosen title indicates, I'm working at ITWeb, the glorious Lord and Master of MyDL. I'm here for two weeks for a little bit of experience and to hopefully learn. I'll be documenting it on here. For no reason other than the fact that it seems like something I could do to keep myself busy during the quiet moments.

Jun 30

Short: Feed the hungry! Gamified charity.

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Do you know what divagate means?

You could be feeding the hungry!

Jun 28

RICA is RI-tarded.

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So, after many months of callously ignoring begging sms's from Vodacom to register my SIM card. I decided to finally walk the distance to a suitable shop and get it done.

After a lengthy queue and a slow typing helper, I managed to get my proof of residence, ID number and sim number down. Just to be told that my SIM was not available on the network.

As I had just used it a few hours before attempting to register it, I was rather surprised at this strange report. I walked to a nearby MTN store and asked why my RICA might not work, and they told me that the service was down.

"DOWN?!" I hear you cry in surprise. I know, I was also confused.

However, tt is fitting that two days prior to the final deadline, the service experiences load problems, but you'd think that they'd have planned for this? That perhaps a large amount of people that procrastinated doing so a year ago, would choose now or tomorrow to register their phones so that they are not cut off? So not only did I walk there for no reason, I now have a unRICA'd phone and a very annoyed state of mind.

Good job to the South African telecommunications network structure. Pity the same attention afforded to the distant-memory that was our FIFA world cup wasn't used to prepare for the mass exodus of registration attempts to conform to the police-state requirements.

(I'm looking for a way to feel like a spy. I'm considering giving them my old residential address, so if the government agents ever coming looking for me, I have some warning. Yes, I play a lot of computer games. No, I am not in any way required to have a medical professional with me in public. Thank you for your concern).

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