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Apr 28

Why Networking aint working.

Posted by OS GIKEN in Sasol , presentation , Networking , IT , IBM , CV , Accenture


Networking, you got to learn about this word in University, because according to the lecturers, this is the only way you can get somewhere in this corporate environment. Go to events, and talk your lips off and hope people find you interesting enough to share details with the aim of future work or knowledge sharing or or or.

Network's down:

Networking, in my opinion, is an overrated term for and underrated function. The function or outcome of this Networking phenomenon is to get some form of support in one or more areas of interest to you.  Be it a possible job, knowledge about a future product, some contacts you can add to your Outlook Contacts or just some numbers with names to fill up your phonebook, or better still...just to get your FaceBook friends list over 5000! I don't see the point of networking, last year I went to more than 10 conferences and spoke to more than 5 people at each event, and I don't remember one name! If you ask me, it’s just a means of allowing time to pass so that everyone can go home earlier!


Network speed:

I have an idea, why don't they set up a banner at each conference from now on, a big red banner that everyone can see, with the words "for those interested in Networking" written big across the entire banner. That way, people interested in Networking, for whatever reason can go stand underneath this banner and know exactly why they are talking to the next Network! Thus will eliminate all the small talk and allow those interested to get straight to business, getting contacts and information about the next person! Take for example, you guys have lunch after a boring Governance presentation which lasted for 2 hours and a couple of boring jokes inbetween…you really need to eat this free food, have a nice cuppa, collect  your goody bag, and be off! But as you stand in line to get served, the guy behind you strikes up the conversation;

Apr 14

IE 8 review and competition entry 1

Posted by OS GIKEN in Windows , microsoft , IE7 , IE6 , IE 8 Accelerators , IE 8


IE 8 Review:

Apr 14

iPad and WePad square it off!

Posted by OS GIKEN in WiFi , WePad , iPhone , ipad , Apple , 3GS , 3G


Remember that song, I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream? Well, here's the same tune with different results...and iPad for I, and a WePad for We?

Why would people still buy Apple iPads when they can get WePads?

Apr 06

The media causes Racial Tension!

Posted by OS GIKEN in media , malema , Eugene Tereblanche , ET , Afriforum


ET, yes he's dead. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine anything good that came from his mouth or his works for that matter. Yes, his siblings and followers might not agree with my statement, but they too share the flawed philosophy of "soort by soort"

Mar 26


Posted by OS GIKEN in Yo-landi , U2 , Jimmy , Jack Parrow , Interscope Records , Interscope , Hip Hop , Eminem , DR.Dre , Die Antwoord , Cape Town Rap , Brakpan , Black Eyed Peas , AGS Kerk , 50 Cent



Mar 25

I'm launching my own brand - OPINIONATORS

Posted by OS GIKEN in Intelectual Property , Brand


I've had this idea for some time now. I love opinions, my own at least. I also love to share it with others willing to listen. My brand will be completely fresh and target a broad market that all feel the same and have the same sentiments.

It's for people who are opinionated, who have a voice that needs to be heard. Who's fed up with hearing others' opinions, which have their own to ad? I'll give them a platform to voice that opinion.

I've been working on this idea, and its rough and in infant stages, much like my daughter,  but if I don't try it now I'll always be stuck with this idea, and who knows, maybe someone else will steal it from me.

Thus I'll be registering my name in the coming weeks and also my future intellectual property and how I present it. The way I want to present it has been done before but as long as my idea is presented like this, its still fresh and never been done before.

What makes mine different? Well for starters I have the balls to say it and I don't sugarcoat anything. That should give you guys a little bit of a clue what I'm thinking. I don't expect it to go national just yet. I do expect it to at least reach some people who I know have the same feelings as I do. I'll do test runs for some time...and then I'll start taking orders!
Do be warned...this is not for the faint hearted - if you consider yourself an individual with an inkling of backbone in you, you'll buy my product with a smile...till then...become an OPINIONATOR...and join the revolution!

OS over and out - pursuing this is something I've been longing to do for some time now, I feel that there is a moerse gap in that market, some would say that its all been done before, some would embrace it. I have one thing riding for me...if 70% of businesses in South Africa survive while being utterly useless at service delivery or great quality can mine fail?

Mar 24

ANCYL's freedom of speech(less)

Posted by OS GIKEN in speak , julius malema , Freedom of Speech , freedom , ANCYL


If it were so true, I, and everyone else, would be able to say what we want, when we want, and to whom we want. Freedom of speech, in my opinion, lies closely with defamation of character.

Mar 19

How to make government listen to citiznes!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Untagged 


In France, they have national strikes when things don't go the way it’s supposed to, in Spain the same happens.  In history we've seen movements all over, where hundreds of thousands stand together when government makes a decision that does not suit the people!

Mar 18

How do you make your CV say what you actually do?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Solutions Architecture , Metropolitan , Jobs , IT experience , interviews , Enterprise Architecture , CV


In the next couple of months I might have to put my CV "out there" and be apart of the job seekers online category! With a looming restructuring in June, it does not look good. I'm not stressed at all; what with a child coming in August, a pregnant wife and a possible job loss on the cards...this is easy man!

Mines the best:

Mar 16

Apple and its patents vs. HTC and the people.

Posted by OS GIKEN in WiFi , Steve Jobs , Search , Samsung , patents , Nokia , Nexus1 , MSN , iPhone , ipad , Google , Bing , Apple , 3G


If, like me, you are for change, freedom, voice and innovation, you'd have noticed the public spat between Apple and HTC. To give you a short and narrower version, Apple sued HTC because HTC violated some of Apple's iPhone patents. The word violated correlates with wrong doing, illegal obsession, and forced action. I'm not going into the lawsuit but rather I'll focus on my unimpressed feelings towards Apple!

Pinpoint patents to its originator.

The wheel, the round thing that allows something on it to move from one point to another, cannot be pinpointed to a definitive creator! Can the liquid display technology be pinpointed to a definitive creator? Can the button be pinpointed to a definitive creator? More still, can the speaker into which one speaks be pinpointed to a definitive creator? Apple listed tons of patents that it believes HTC have used in their phones that is a direct copy of iPhone's patented products. For more info on this read here.

I understand patented law, but the shape of the iPhone has been replicated by many other phone manufacturers. The touch screen ability was the iPhone's baby, or not! We can argue that it’s never been used in a phone… yes, but what about the early, very early Palms? I have to say as much as I hate to admit it, Apple is right here, they have patented a product, and this means no one else can use it without Apple's consent. If something looks like an iPhone, one has to start asking questions... HTC and Google are partners with their Nexus1 looming as Apple iPhone's biggest competitor yet...the plot thickens!

HTC and the people.

The people of Google love innovation. HTC prides itself of 13 years worth of HTC specific innovation, like smart phones even way before every 7th grade child had the inkling know how of Tweeting on a touch screen phone that does everything, which is essentially a smart phone. Since their partnership, Apple's Steve Jobs has been rambling about Google and Apple having their own territories, their own agendas. Basically he wants them to stay where they are, and allow Apple to stay where it is...

Apple's under carpet move.

If two businesses that have never been seen as competitors exist in a market where their buyers use the same product scope, there can only be harmony! People use Google more than Bing, or MSN or whatever other search engine you would suggest to them. Now, they can use said Google on a phone, even better, an iPhone! To me business sense comes into play where you figure out ways to expand and delve into markets you are not known to show an interest in. The bookies could not predict this. But the Nexus1 will be built by HTC...what collaboration! Google and HTC gunning for the top stop, which so happens to be held by non other than Apple's iPhone.