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Dec 02

2011: Highlights and More Highlights

Posted by MJK in Twitter , tablet , Samsung , rise of the planet of the apes , ipad , Facebook , Apple


Even though Facebook and Twitter have been around for the better part of the last decade, many South Africans are only exploring this space now. According to the latest findings by Fuseware and World Wide Worx, Twitter has exploded in SA over the past year, increasing its local user base 20 fold.

Oct 04

My First Rage

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


“No, I am not going for a shoe sale”

Aug 25

The 21st Century Educator

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


I am currently completing a teaching degree, in the form of three annual short learning programmes, and my first assignment is on the 21st century Educator - as opposed to the 20th Century Educator or as we used to call him at Orient, Hanif.
There is a quote from Lethal Weapon 4 ( 1998 ) that has helped me understand 21st Century educators. It might seem like an unlikely reference

Nov 10

Game review: Vanquish for PS3

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


Ever watched a movie that you have never heard of and was just blown away with how good it was, even though it had no hype whatsoever. Vanquish is a lot like that.

Nov 03

Game Review - James Bond 007: Blood Stone for the Xbox 360

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


James Bond games have always been a mixed bag. and having enjoyed the last Bond game (quantum of Solace) I was looking forward to this one. Sadly, it ended up being a rather mundane experience that luckily ended quickly.

Oct 21

My most heroic moment

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


(competition entry for EA's medal of honor comp - If I win I'd like a PS3 copy please :)

Jun 06

Game Review: Pure Football for Xbox 360

Posted by MJK in xbox 360 , pure football , Gaming


The 2010 Soccer World Cup* is mere days away, and the excitement is building. Shops throughout South Africa are slapping vuvuzelas onto display mannequins and Motorists are sticking flags onto their car aerials, in the hopes of showing their patriotism and also disrupt the clarity when Justin Bieber is played. Kick off specials and Free Soccer balls are the result of most marketers uniting against creativity as each outlet tries to cash in, with most hoping that Fifa do not sue them for copyright infringement.

Apr 12

Thoughts on Hansel and Gretel

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


I dont really think the witch from Hansel and Gretel was all that mean. Sure, she had a penchant for eating obese little German boys, but I reckon they were getting a pretty good deal hey. She didnt fatten up Gretel because lets face it... no one likes a fat chick. Even witches with poor eyesight.

I dont see the need for an evil stepmother though. Is the witch so weak as an antagonist that she cant be chief villain all on her own? Its kinda like the Batman movies really - In the first one, all you needed was Jack Nicholson, but after that it had to be two villains per movie. Why complicate shit? I'm glad they didnt mention that Hansel was diabetic though. That would have been overkill.
We always have this desire to complicate shit though. So that it stands out. So it isnt lost in the shuffle of the ordinary. A part of me likes routine, consistency and Windowsills made of liquorice. I'm not big on gingerbread walls though - they remind me of those crappy biscuits we used to get in the orange wrappers. I cant remember the name now. The Bakers man can.. fuck up now and then.

Sometimes we need to question the shit we read to our kids, but I think whats more important is that we question the stuff we consume. I'm not saying that everything is some huge New world order conspiracy but I fear for the time where we accept everything we hear or read without negotiating the message. Put down the V for Vendetta masks though. No need to blow up the Union Building. If anything, I would blow up Melrose Arch. What a pointless Diet Coke Mall. I cant say things like Blow Up anymore. Word association is a bitch.

Hansel and Gretel could have been more complicated. They could be two Arab kids lost in the desert. Leave as many pebbles as you like, youre' still fucked. Maybe they'l have two, three or four evil stepmothers - four times the hate. maybe they'll be starving and stuff and the witches house would be made out of Gelatine. can you imagine Gretel getting on her knees looking for a halaal certificate.

Maybe Hansel and Gretel could be American kids. Would have saved the witch time from having to fatten him up methinks.

I feel sorry for the witch. They let her cook in the oven for a few days. Little bastards. So whats the moral of the story?

You can tell me :)


Mar 16

Top 20 Awesome and Funny Moments in Gaming

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


I really enjoy my gaming. I would choose gaming over most things really. If you are passionate about a specific medium, some moments will stand out more than others. You know those moments when you just put the controller down and say 'wow'. I also like the moments that make me laugh audibly (I didnt want to say lol for some reason) I hardly give a hearty chuckle so when a game makes me laugh - I remember it!

So - These are twenty of my most memorable or funny gaming moments (not in order). I will keep adding to the comments section as I remember. Feel free to add as well
1. Def Jam: Fight for New York - I maintain that this is the best intro ive ever seen for a videogame and no game has ever pumped me up like this

2. Metal gear Solid 3 - when Ocelot reveals that he was Adam in the credits. Blew my mind.

3. I completed Uncharted 2 this week. One of the best games ive ever played. Two moments stand out amongst the countless gems - The first one is the scene in Nepal where you are trying to outrun a Truck. Its the first time I saw the game, and I knew I had to buy it immediately. The dialogue in the game is the best ive ever heard in a videogame, and there is a scene in the end where Drake says to Flynn, "Hey you, asswipe, give me a lighter" . Its just hilarious and I still laugh now when I think about it. Ten minutes later you are exploring a catacomb with him and see this hideous skull sculpture and you say "Hey look, a statue of your mom".

4. Rainbow Six Vegas. I was playing coop mode with a friend and we enter a room with three bad guys. We shoot the first one which alerts the other two and they take cover and start blind firing at us. Then one guy tells the other guy 'cover me', and that guy says 'fuck you, cover me'. Loved that moment :)

5. Singstar vol 2: Another memory with same friend. The first time we tried singing the Paul McCartney and Frog song as a duet. Bum Bum Bum Baa-iyaa

6. GTA Vice City - The first time you hijack a bike and Billie Jean starts playing. Win!

7. Bioshock - When you are told that you have been conditioned to obey everytime you hear the phrase 'would you kindly'. What a mindfuck. Also - The opening scene - when you swim up to the surface and everything around you is in flames and youre not sure if you are in control because it all looks too beautiful to be in game.

8. Assassins Creed - The first time you climb The Dome of The Rock only to see Islamic calligraphy around the Dome. Loved it

9. Assassins Creed 2 - When your uncles greets you with the unmistakable 'Its a Me a Mario'

10. Pro Evolution Soccer 10 - The first time you score with a bicycle Kick followed by lots of jumping and gratuitous crotch grabbing

11. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Inputting a code so that you can play Pong with a mate.

12. The Suffering - I think this was the scariest opening ive ever played.

13. Modern Warfare - The first stage in the middle East - When you storm the tv Station (including the scene before this when they kill the President)

14. Onimusha 3 - Opening scene - Monsters attack France. Awesome.

15. Bards Tale - Hilarious dialogue that makes fun of all these dumb RPG's that are out there.

16. Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time - I'd like to say everything about this game is awesome, but if I had to choose one it would be when you leave the Chamber of Time and everything around you is destroyed.

17. GTA 4 - The TV stations were hilarious. My favourite programmes were 'A history of Liberty City and Republican Space Rangers. Loved them.

18. NHL Blitz: Youre getting ready to cream some Random American team in Ice Hockey. You still have no idea why there are so many penalties, and all of a sudden you hear a remixed version of Zombie Nation blasting out of the speakers complete with the entire crowd doing the chorus. Pure awesome.

19. Prince of Persia 3. You finish the game, kill the last boss and you are still haunted by your evil alter ego, so you end up fighting him and nothing really happens. And after a few minutes you realise that the only way you can kill him is by walking away. Loved it.

20. Ratchet and Clank 2 - When they test the crotchitizer out of Captain Quark

So thats my twenty. If I think of more i'l pop them in the comments section. Let me know which are your favourite moments.


Nov 26

Random ramblings on the semantics of Love

Posted by MJK in Untagged 


Control is an illusion

Its like a tennis ball that you throw into the sea.

You believe it will come back due to the tide and you think that this expectation is control.

But it isnt.

Im against principles if all we use them for is to prove a point. Im for principles if they make us better people for ourselves. Its difficult to balance this. Even the biggest safety net of regret is just a bunch of holes tied together. Thats the thing really, no one looks at it that way. No one considers the hole in the doughnut to be included in the price. Wouldnt be much of a doughnut without that hole.

We are so afraid of love. Sometimes when we give too much of ourselves, we get worried that some of it will spill onto the cobblestone pathways and alleys and be lost forever. I wouldn't want to quantify love. It isnt a bucket of paint that splashes on my shoes when i run towards someone.

Im between reflection and action. Hope is independent of this. But not hate. That is why I feel it is better to have hope. At the same time I am not saying we should be deluded.

To be in love is not to be in control. Love cannot be controlled. Yes, it can be manipulated, twisted and inhibited.. but it can never be controlled.

I think we are all just tennis balls

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