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Jan 18

American legislation threatening internet freedom

Posted by Drucilla in US Congress , the Stop Internet Piracy Act , The American national Internet strik , S.968 (“Protect IP Act PIPA) , Internet freedom , H.R.3261 (the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA) , american websites are being blacked


The American national Internet strike# protesting two bills under consideration in the U.S. Congress, H.R.3261 (the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, or SOPA) and S.968 (“Protect IP Act”, or PIPA).

Jan 06

All I want is the amazing BlackBerry PlayBook!

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 


All I want is the amazing BlackBerry PlayBook!

Aug 27

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 


[video:100x100]Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a movie that has me hopping with excitement, this is a movie that will appeal to the geek and nerd community.

The movie, reflects what the geek community believes itself to be, free spirits, avoiding being kept down by the man, by avoiding having a job, but by being in a grunge rock band.

Then come the graphic and the dialogue, the character have the powers that we the nerds and geeks have always wished we had, while our counter parts we playing or watching rugby, we were reading comics, or imaging having those powers as part of our daily lives.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is a movie that truly for once understands it's true audience, speaks their language, and is truly not affraid not to isolate everyone else, making it more relevant and more special for those it talks to.

The US release date was the 13, august 2010, but we are going to have to wait a while though.

Jan 11

The Apple Tablet name is the iSlate

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 


The rumour mills are working over time with regards to the Apple Tablet, the latest is the name iSlate. If you have no idea what I’m taking about you have been hiding under a rock for the past month.

Sep 14

What could curve me away from my BlackBerry 8310 smartphone?

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 

What could curve me away from my BlackBerry 8310 smartphone? only one thing the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I have decided to write a short series on my experience from ordering the BlackBerry smartphone, which i just did about 20minutes setting it up, all the way to finding the coolest themes, applications and games for it.

Is the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone really the BlackBerry smartphone to curve the average consumer, not just the business world.

I can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and will be blogging on the move with it, so all we have to do for now is wait for the BlackBerry smartphone!
Jun 26

BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 smartphone

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 


Size and Weight

4.4 inches (112 mm)

Jun 09

Take a walk on SIMS side of life

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 


I've seen the previews, read the reviews and can't wait for the new Sims! I think Sims plays to the "god complex" in all of us, giving us the ability to create our own sim, determine their personality traits and most important, their destiny.

The Cheats have been leaked all over the net but I need about a full month of just playing to be tempted to find out what the cheats are.

The real question is will I be a merciful god to my sims...yes, yes i will be...EVENTUALLY. 

Jun 02

Waiting for the arrival of SIMS 3 makes us all act a little crazy

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 

Jun 02

Was Eminem in on Sacha Baron Cohen’s joke?

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 

Check out the link below to see the video clip of what happened.

In case you weren’t watching Sunday night, Baron Cohen crash landed on top of the rapper Eminem in a sketch guided by seemingly divine intervention.

The comedian, appearing in character as gay fashionista Bruno, was suspended by a harness above the audience, dressed as an angel. As he was pulled closer to the stage, his flight was interrupted by a set of speakers.

Captain Sully he is not. Baron Cohen slowly nose-dived on the rapper, with his groin positioned right on Eminem’s face and his bare butt in the air.

“Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?” chirped Baron Cohen, the perfect line at the ready.

Apparently not amused, Eminem told his entourage — with expletives — to remove Baron Cohen from his lap. He then promptly stormed out of the theater in an exit that appeared captured especially well by cameras and microphones.

Apr 07

Can the newspaper be saved and should it be saved? is the message in the medium

Posted by Drucilla in Untagged 

I find myself recently spending a great deal of thought on the issue of the demise of the newspaper, and everything relating to it.

Everyday, it seems, we are assaulted with business headlines of another newspaper shutting down, massive job cuts and features disappearing by the handful. Is this the way to save a newspaper? Probably not, but then, that’s not what I’ve been concerning myself with. The main questions I’ve been posing are: Can the newspaper be saved? Or more importantly, should it be?

A newspaper is a medium, in which to share information. When any other medium in history has reached the end of it’s usefulness, it’s been allowed to gracefully retire, to make way for the next step in evolution.

I don’t use carrier pigeons to get in touch with my wife during the day, I use my cell phone. I don’t use my VHS player to watch Band of Brothers, I power on my Samsung Blu-Ray player. Rarely is the day when I use a horse and buggy to get to work, I tend to rely on my automobile.

I don’t pick up a newspaper to get the news, I check multiple sources online, to read about them when they happen, as they happen, not 16 hours later in a newspaper which offers me limited information without the immediate ability to get more.

Are we trying to save the newspaper because our generation still uses it, or because the older generation is nostalgic and refuses to embrace change?

Why would I pay so much rands a month for a subscription to my local paper, when only 5% of it is original content? With the other 95% percent of is syndicated content I can much more easily access online at the Associated Press site? The newspaper model works off of advertising. Big news, so does the web.

I believe local coverage is important, but I believe the current medium in which we get said coverage is done. I want to know what’s happening in Montreal. I want to read material from well educated journalists (not bloggers). Why can’t I do that online?

You want to talk about going green? Why not eliminate the printed newspaper as it is and move it online? Grab a calculator and tell me how many trees that would save?

What the future will bring, I’m not sure, but change isn’t just coming anymore, it’s here.

The medium has evolved.
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