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Someone is sending information that they shouldnt!
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TOPIC: Someone is sending information that they shouldnt!
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Someone is sending information that they shouldnt! 2 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 1
As employees we are expected to follow the rules and morals of the society we live in. As employers we have a duty to ensure that the rules are followed and that confidential information that should stay inside the company does stay inside the company.
Take a post I came across today. They were looking for a way to disable delting in outlook so all messages that were sent could not be removed or if that was not possible then saved somewhere else or forwarded to another person. The reason was they suspect that an employee is leaking confidential information.
There were some replies many of which were more interested in what the person was suspected of doing but I did add my view

It would be really useful if Outlook rules ran on any folder and not just when a mail is received. It is possible to do it but you would be into creating VB scripts to do it.
If your email host can supply copies of mails that would be useful as it would be an independent witness in the event of inappropriate action by your employee.
I would suggest that if you do not have an email policy signed by all employees that you implement one immediately. It should cover inappropriate use of the internet (sites for over 18s etc) and you could include less sensitive sites such as facebook, twitter, gmail although you could block those sites anyway. It should also state that all emails sent are the property of the company and that your management can read all emails. If you have locked all this down then sad to say you are still vulnerable in that they may be sending information via cellpohone in either text messages or internet connectivity.
Good luck. It is not pleasant if you suspect an employee is acting inappropriately and if that is the case the actions you take, although necessary, can cause resentment in the office but they need to be taken.
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