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Extending Wireless coverage is a cable not easier?
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TOPIC: Extending Wireless coverage is a cable not easier?
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Extending Wireless coverage is a cable not easier? 2 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 1
I came across a post that intrigued me a bit. If one has weak wireless signal how can it be boosted? The post went into some options and gave a good description of the problem. The router is in the main building and the user 5m away physically from the main building and 15m from the router so yes there would be some degredation of signal. A few peopole including me would suggest cable and this is what I said:

I would go the cable route. Firstly it will ensure that you have better speed to the ADSL router and that is I believe one of your main concerns. Secondly you are likely to spend less.
In running the cable I would say it pays to make a bit of an effort to make it neat and tidy to stay in the landperson's good books. Assuming that the area between your cottage and the house is garden, I would suggest digging a trench and laying the cable at about 40cm depth which is out of reach of most garden spades. Do encase it in normal electricians PVC conduit and put at either end proper elbow joints and run the conduit up the wall. I would even drill through the walls (check for electrical and water pipes first) and make it a neat and tidy job. Where it goes into the wall it is a good idea to put an inspection box in as at times it can be difficult getting cables round bends and having these boxes lets you get an electricians fish in easily.
To make life a little easier you could run the cable or strong string through the conduit before you bury it and then either pull the cable through or just push the ends of the cable through into the house. Remember to use the PVC cement to join all the connectors to make them watertight.
If there is paving between then you will need to lift it carefully and put it back. A word of warning though, it never looks the same so make sure the landperson is happy that you do it.
If it is cement then I suggest you go back to looking at the wireless extenders or find another route even if it is more than 15m.

Good Luck
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