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Educating the masses

Posted by izzyabraham
A 4th-year Journalism & Media Studies student, specializing in New Media. I'm fr
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on Tuesday, 04 September 2012
in Digital Blogs

If you have ready access to the Internet, it’s most likely that the first place you’ll look for information is online. As a student, the first go-to for academic enlightenment is Wikipedia (sad but true). But the web is actually a great place for learning.

Online Primetime: Smart TV makes viewing social

Posted by Simone Redelinghuys
Simone Redelinghuys
A student journalist currently specializing in New Media at Rhodes University. I
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on Monday, 07 May 2012
in Digital Blogs

From interactive advertising to digital migration and internet-connected television sets, the world of broadcast has changed from a passive experience to social interaction. We’ve gone from simple 2D viewing to Full HD screens, PVR recording and 3D display. 2012 is set to see another TV transformation as more consumers opt to buy Smart TVs.