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Futurescape: Clever people get rich (and vice versa)

Posted by Ryc0v
New LCD. New Speakers. Repaired PC. Now time to start working for money for Oper
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on Monday, 30 April 2012
in Digital Blogs

(A scene from Black Mirror - The Entire History of You, where every wealthy individual owns a device that lets them relive their memories from any time, any where).

Intelligence is a gift - available to every wealthy person to purchase and flaunt.

Imagine a future where we didn't interact with our technology, but merely interfaced with it, as it became an inherent part of our mental and social processes. We already live in a world where the vaguely wealthy own devices allowing them to be constantly connected to their information streams and social networks.

People walk around typing on their phones, befriending new people is done via a network, where: "Hey, I saw you at John's party last night!" is a reason to know someone, rather than a meaningful conversation or shared interest.