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By how much are the mobile Service providers screwing us?

Posted by garron.dace
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on Friday, 10 August 2012
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I'm sure many of you have read various rants and scathing attacks against the mobile service providers in this country. This is not one of those. Well not a typical one anyway. What I aim to convey in this article is that actual value by which we are being screwed by these oligopolistic corporations. Using basic math, than anyone can do, I aim to show you how to assess your current or considered mobile contract.


Cell C Data Prices Well Revised BUT Not Very Well

Posted by Tygga
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on Friday, 03 August 2012
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So, Cell C has revised all their standard data bundles and reduced the price, plus giving all customers a 15 cents per megabyte out of bundle billing regardless of the value of data bundle purchased! Provided you have bought a data bundle first. Everybody is ecstatic (Cell C customers of course, including myself). Applause to that, please. I have calculated the new revised data bundle prices and found something which didn't quite sit well in me despite the applausible price drop. First things first, let me give you the revised price of the bundles (prepaid). 12MB = R1.50 30MB = R4.50 50MB = R7.50 100MB = R15.00 300MB = R45.00 500MB = R75.00 1GB = R155.00 2GB = R310 Here's the thing: if you buy 12MB bundles three times for R1.50 each, you end up with 36MB which equals to R4.50 whereas Cell C has another data bundle priced at R4.50 for 30MB, my question is, shouldn't they add 6MB on the 30MB bundle priced at R4.50? That way, it'll make more sense than buying 3 bundles of 12MB for a total of R4.50 which makes it unjust for the 30MB of the same price. You get my point? The same goes for the R7.50 data bundle which gets you 50MB. A smart user (like me) could buy 5 bundles of 12MB for a price of R7.50 and get 60MB, which means 10 more megabytes than the R7.50 bundle which would have given me 50MB. THE SAME GOES FOR 100MB BUNDLE AND SO ON, YOU DO THE MATH. * CONCLUSION: I think Cell C should add 6MB to the R4.50 bundle to make it justifiable. * Add 10MB to the R7.50 bundle (given the sum of five 12MB bundle equals to R7.50 for a total of 60MB) The rest of the bundle prices is easy to calculate and make necessary adjustments. OR ELSE, SMART USERS LIKE ME WILL KEEP ON BUYING 12MB BUNDLES TO SAVE EVEN MORE. This is my 2 cents, I'm not complaining - I'm just stating the obvious. CAN I HEAR AN AMEN?
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Youtube Night

Posted by NetizenSA
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on Tuesday, 19 June 2012
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Ever got home and found there's NOTHING to watch on TV again. Whether it's the same old sopies, a music channel that doesn't show music (yes MTV I'm talking to you) or movies that you've seen three months ago the feeling of sameness persists. 


The Mobile Grenade

Posted by The General
The General
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on Wednesday, 18 April 2012
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This is a mobile special of The Weekly Grenade