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The Second-Coming of James Blunt

Posted by NicolaHaw
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on Monday, 14 May 2012
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When your BlackBerry device is slow – BlackBerry Health 101

Posted by The Hunter
The Hunter
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on Tuesday, 03 April 2012
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BlackBerry owners have all been face to face with that dreadful clock that just stays rotating in the centre of their device screen. It has led to many a profane status update, be it on BBM, Facebook or Twitter and even an overwhelming, frustrated outcry of help to the distant beyond.

Think of your BlackBerry as being a human for a moment. It never really shuts down, unless the battery is removed, hence it does get "tired" after a while. Think of your device as a garbage bin, that when it has reached its full capacity, it can no longer take any more and will inevitably start to "stink". Rest assured though, the situation is really not as bad as one would deem it to be. By regularly carrying out the following guidelines, your BlackBerry should maintain perfect shape at all times.

Performing a soft reset:
The primary cause of the continuously rotating clock is usually memory leakage. This basically means that a heap of memory was allocated to an application and said application did not free that space, resulting in it using more memory than initially required. Performing a soft reset, by pressing and holding alt + right caps (right key with aA on it) + del, should fix this issue.

In the worst case scenario, it could also be caused by a Beta app still in testing, which should then be deleted or upgraded. Checking for OS (Operating System) upgrades on a regular basis is also advisable. This can be done by going to Options/Advanced Options/Wireless Update for OS5 or Options/Device/Software Updates for OS6.

Performing a hard reset:
If the previous step did not solve the issue, a hard reset could also be executed. The difference between the two is a soft reset is software related and a hard reset is hardware related. To perform a hard reset, simply remove your battery for a few minutes.

Free memory usage:
All your information such as contacts, emails, short messages etc. gets stored on your device memory. Deleting the items that are no longer of importance should free up some memory.

Your device also stores a log report for error reporting purposes. This can be accessed by holding alt and typing LGLG on your home screen. Clicking the BlackBerry logo key and selecting Clear Log from within the log clears unnecessary memory usage as well.

Dealing with sluggish or unresponsive network issues:
Lag on your browser is primarily network related. To fix this, a host re-route is recommended. On OS5, go to Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table, then press the BlackBerry logo key and click register now. Immediately remove your battery and remove your SIM card for about 5 minutes. On OS6, go to Options/Device/Advanced System Settings/Host Routing Table and apply the same process mentioned above.

In the worst case scenario, your lag could be the result of a network tower having poor signal strength. Contacting your service provider and asking them to take a look at the tower would in this case be the best solution.