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Futurescape: Laggy Humans

Posted by Ryc0v
New LCD. New Speakers. Repaired PC. Now time to start working for money for Oper
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on Monday, 23 April 2012
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(Pic kind of related. A Space oddessey for all!)

Today marks the day that I hang up my gamification hood and crossbow, not that I don't  still think it's great and going to be an integral part of our future, but because it's a bit of a slow evolving field. I'm setting my sights slightly further down our collective timeline - the future is bright, bring on the future.

This is the first post in my Futurewatch series, where I'll be finding and writing about both futuristic breakthroughs as well as emerging ideas about what will be possible in the near, not so near and rather distant future.

Robotics in South Africa: An Introduction

Posted by weideJUR
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on Tuesday, 03 April 2012
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This post serves as an introduction to the people and organisations active in the field of robotics in South Africa.



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