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FACEBOOK:End of an era?

Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Tuesday, 29 May 2012
in Digital Blogs
Facebook, quick unsearched stats will prove that no other medium has ever allowed people to be so engaged in each others' lives. I might be wrong, i think "everyone" who has access to the internet has a Facebook account. Facebook is probably almost 10 years old and as we know we as human beings get bored with things when its too good for too long! So it goes without saying that someday(today)Facebook will come under some form of agenda to cause it to lose market share and ultimately lose its position it finds itself in at the moment...which is dominance! It happened to all good things that evryone liked and loved and thought would never come to an end or be topped by something better, MySpace, Microsoft, Toyota to name but a few! And what do you know, Facebook's IPO is being discussed by 8 year old kids all over the world, stay at home Stepford wives are even getting in on the action, because Facebook has become so big, everyone who's everyone knows about its overvaluation and its subsequent (as analysts in the USA call it) "embarrassing" drop in share price...Frankly, I dont know what's so embarrassing about it at all, Im sure if I knew this was going to happen Zuckerburg must have known too? Its the preverbial end-of-the-road if one can call it that, from now on keep a look out for more "stories" to hit the news about Facebook or anything and anyone related to Facebook, this is my take on technological bubbles in the world, they come, get us all involved and somehow, as if to say there is a natural order to technological life falls down, spectacularly too! 1,2,3 even 5 years from now Facebook will be a thing of the past or it will be a 2nd or 3rd option from which to see which of your friends checked in at McDonald's!