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The end is nigh... impossible to predict (cheer up!)

Posted by Ryc0v
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on Tuesday, 07 August 2012
in Digital Blogs

The future ss/was pretty wacky - and it didn't/won't happen the way we think.

(The future is/was pretty wacky - and it didn't/won't happen the way we think.)

I’ve been writing about the future this year, technology, medicine, science – societal concerns. Anything I can think of (and find interesting). There is a recurring theme in what I read among the scientific and futurist communities – the future is looking good – the end isn't nigh.

The 1950's promised us jet packs, flying cars, space holidays, robot man-servants and unlimited energy. Instead, we got air pollution, better medicine, a worrying degree of societal control in the hands of private entities and, of course, our wondrous world wide web.

Our amazing breakthroughs in computing, medicine, technology and information distribution aside - why didn't humanity get the future we wanted? Why does the future seem so dismal?

We Are Racism!?

Posted by Jawellnofine
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on Wednesday, 16 May 2012
in General Blogs
Of late, racism and intolerance have been making headlines across most media formats in South Africa: those responsible ranges from ditzy models to ex-Presidents to ordinary citizens.

The above is not even counting the comments, mostly intolerant ones, posted in response to the viral postings across the various social media channels.