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Be Moral, Be Ethical! That's You! Im NOT!

Posted by Shiraz
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on Tuesday, 03 July 2012
in General Blogs

I think I need time out from my life of work.. I have become a couch potato @ work , eating @ my desk , spilling coffee and then sending an email to Thando to come help me clean the mess!


Futurescape: Human purity a lesser concern

Posted by Ryc0v
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on Monday, 14 May 2012
in Digital Blogs

Transhumanism is hotly contested by many 'though-leaders' of development theories, all around the world.

(Transhumanism, be all that you can be, or be ungodly?)

Human augmentation is a long way off. Especially the kind of augmentation I've been writing about, the sci-fi, becoming a genius overnight, incredible reaction time stuff. So why is it such a contentious topic?

We've been using technology and medicine to enhance human qualities for quite some time, from surgery to inoculations. What we need to wonder, is when does something stop being ok, and start being aberrational?