Like a science experiment, I react…

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on Thursday, 17 January 2008
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All of us live different lives, but there is a platform where most of us can relate. Like how one tends to retaliate if cornered or if enough pressure is applied. That’s when the “don’t push the wrong button” term does really work. This can be at home, in traffic, at the gym, or in the workplace (especially in the work place). As humans we have our mood swing schedule, some longer or busier than others. And so we all try not to step over that invisible line.
But the question is ‘when is it really appropriate to react?’
A policeman stopped me at a road block and checked my particulars; saw that all was in order. Upon realizing that he had nothing on me, then asked where I got the money to buy such a car at my age. I couldn’t believe he just asked me that. He then told me that most of us youngsters steal these cars and then pretend like they are ours, so he had to call and check if I was registered as the owner of the car. He of course discovered that it was mine and sent me on my way. That is when I reacted…
Point of the matter is there are different situations that will spark a particular reaction. And you shouldn’t shy away from responding. What needs to be monitored for obvious reason is the harshness in which you react. There is nothing as embarrassing as having to apologies for overreacting.
A reaction is just an assurance that you are still human and you do take note of what goes on around you. So the next time that cashier happens to forget to give you your change, or that colleague accidentally spills coffee on you, or the neighbor’s dog ravages your garbage bin, you know what to do.
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Charmed Thursday, 17 January 2008

OMG, thats discrimination!!! :eek
sorry about the unfortunate incident.

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