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on Wednesday, 02 May 2007
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Popular revolts in late medieval Europe were uprisings and rebellions by (typically) peasants in the countryside, however in the early 21th century we are experiencing uprising in completely different form. Some clever administrators from popular site decided to delete all articles submitted by its members containing or referring to key for cracking protected HD DVD's.

Nothing new, one would assume but what counter measures you can put in place against CYBER RIOT? Legitimate DenialOfServeice ( DoS ). Well, not much that one could do, I suppose.

That is exactly what Digg management decided to do after realizing that thousands of stories were uploaded ( with THE CODE ) as a direct response from their community to unpopular decision which banned/deleted stories in question.

New era is coming, embrace yourself for new age of CYBER REVOLUTIONAIRES. Surely new Cyber-Che is out-a there, somewhere.

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oFF Thursday, 03 May 2007

Long live Piracy !

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