Positive effects of Global Warming

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on Thursday, 15 November 2007
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As we go about our day to day lives, some of us, are oblivious to how much our  daily routines affect our precious blue planet…

Global warming has become an issue just as serious as AIDS yet most of us, complain about the ‘symptoms’ of Global warming, ignore it and move on.

We may just as well, have heard the words…. But don’t really understand it… just like HIV… we hear the words, AIDS, PREVENTION, HIV.. ya da ya day a da.. but if we are
Uneducated about the whole thing, then how can we PREVENT OR CURB the problem….

This is how Global warming comes into play…….

The sun heats up the earth by sending solar rays towards us. Some of these rays don’t get through the atmosphere. Those that do, warm up the earth.
When the earth warms up, it radiates its own rays of heat – infrared rays.  Those which don’t escape, pass the atmosphere,  are absorbed by greenhouse gases. Those greenhouse gases warm the earth so it is at the temperature we experience now. Without this process,  the earth would be some 30c cooler and life on our planet would be very different.

However we are producing too many greenhouse gases, which mean they are absorbing more heat and warming the earth too much – this is called Global Warming.

Scientist already say that is too late to prevent Global warming and therefore climate change but by reducing greenhouse gases, we could still limit the impact.  Even the change in temperature of under 1C is enough to cause changes in rainfall and sea level rises.

However, people, if somehow, we humans cannot still adhere to these facts,, and Global Warming just gets worse…. Then maybe we will have an advantage….
No need to waste money on microwaves or stoves… Nature will be the cook.. we should just enjoy.


If life throws you lemons... make lemonade.... *wink*

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Liquid circle Thursday, 15 November 2007

Good blog. However it seems that Cape Town has now got global cooling as the weather is rather shait. This also is a part of global warning though as climates around the world are changing due to the higher see levels

FoXXy Thursday, 15 November 2007

Yeah, that really sucks. hope the weather gets better soon though...
here, its quite hot... we are expecting the hottest summer ever this year.

WINDPOMP SHERRY Thursday, 15 November 2007

Poor Porky...EEuw!

FoXXy Friday, 16 November 2007


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