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on Monday, 05 November 2007
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I attended an interesting course just last week and something dawned on me. There's all these talks about technology, from the latest PC to Broadband to Multimedia to Digital Migration to a host of others that seem to be changing every year, if not every day. What makes me wonder we have an idea of where we want to go with all these technologies, or are we just moving along and jumping on every technology band wagon we can find??? Do we as a country (South Africa) know where we want to be in say 10 years, technology wise that is? I remember one of Microsoft's statements, when they started out, was "A computer in every home!" That was a profound statement and one can say they almost achieved it, at least in the US. Do we as technologists, policy makers and the country as whole have a vision that profound? Are we talking of technologies like WiMax, HSPA, 3G-LTE, IMT-2000 and all other beautiful acronyms just for the sake of talking are is there a direction we are all headed towards? I think it would be nice if we all have a common goal that we are working towards, hopefully not just a profit driven goal (although profit is good)! I hope this is at least the beginning of a "Strategic Conversation" on where we are headed as a country...TECHNOLOGICALLY!
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AACandidate Monday, 05 November 2007

People have forgotten that technology is something that is supposed to be used to solve real world problems!!

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