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on Thursday, 25 October 2007
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"I am over it" are probably 4 of the msot abused words at Rhodes.  Not sure about the rest of the world, coz well I try not to venture out into it too often.  But lets examine the diversity of this phrase.  For example:

1.  So the night out with your friends wasn't all you expected.  You had a drink spilt on you and as a result your top semlls like cheap vodka and your hair like smoke.  So you leave early, when your friends ask 'why' the next day at lunch.... "I just got over it"

2. You get dumped.  Your heart is broken and you see him a week later with some new skank.  Your friends all throw concerned looks at you and how do you respond....  "No way, I'm soo over him"

3.  You get back an essay.  You passed.  Erm thats about it.  Your tutor has written a concerned note at the bottom of the page.  Your defense: "I just got over it"

This phrase can even be used to describe food, the weather and life itself.

1.  "Blah, I'm just so over this pizza"

2.  "Oh my gosh! I am so over this rain!!!"

3.  "I am so over life at the moment"

You could get into quite a vicious argument with someone... And I can gaurentee you apart from a few parting swearwords, somewhere the phrase; "I'M SO OVER YOU!" will be thrown in.  "I'm so over you", a clever variation of "I'm so over it" can be directed at one person, a group of people, or even the entire human race.

1.  "I am just so over people today, hey"

2.  "I am so over all those damn streetkids"

3. "I am so over emo kids and their moping"

See 4 simple words in various shapes and forms can mean so much.  Today I felt like I was just OVER EVERYTHING.  I am over people stalking me and then being mean to me.  I am over people getting offended at the smallest comment.  I am over people being mean and starting petty little fights.  I AM OVER EVERYTHING!. .But I have to smile at myself as I use these very words I despise.  Sometimes its easier to just break everything down and simplify it to one phrase.  Sometimes its easier to just be one of the crowd, and stop running against the grain.  Anyway I am so over this blog :) so I hope everone has an awsome wkend and nothing to 'be over'

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