Meaningless Sex.

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on Monday, 22 October 2007
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Reasons why not to randomly sleep with someone: 1. Bad for my mental health. 2. pregnancy scares 3. have to lie to friends. 4. realising that snuggling isn't as bad as i thought it was. 5. realising i slept with an conventionally- afrikaans jock. 6. become like Melissa. 7. having trouble meeting my grandparents' eyes at family lunch the next day. 8. having your little brother ask why you were hiding in the pantry. 9. being too drunk to enjoy it. 10. Being unable to turn ANY of this into poetry. 11. Hearing from him the next day and wanting to ignore him. 12. not hearing from him the day after that and wanting to hear from him. 13. waking up the next morning and not knowing where I am. 14. waking up the next morning and remembering what i did. 15. waking up and being happy i'm alone in my bed, and then realising the horror of being happy about that.
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Markro Saturday, 03 November 2007

Good one. No to get as many kids to read this.

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