Bioshock (Troubling Review) Revisited

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on Wednesday, 17 October 2007
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How Many of You Have Played Bioshock?

Usually a fan of the macabre and violent actions games, on offer at the moment I was how ever shocked, by Bioshock. Excuse the pun. Whilst supported by a well let's say a very vivid and creative storyline, which at many points is quite absorbing. I have however grown sick of the 'Little Sisters' ideal in which you can choose to exorcise young girls or harvest(Kill them) to get at the genetic materials they carry.

Its this kind of psychotic trend that has been creeping into our gaming slowly over the last few years and no it is at an unmistakably bold level. With games such as Clive Bakers Jericho coming out, what are we to do about shielding ourselves and the younger generations against such disturbing concepts and imagery that is so purverse in its nature. This game carries an age restriction of 17, but with lack of control our gaming stores exercise over these age restrictions, coupled with the relatively harmless look of the games cover. How many children are going to fall victim to this sick barage of deadly pscycologically damaging games.

The cult sect of games has exploded over the last few years and not so surprisingly the levels of teen psycological illnesses, including schizophrenia, depression, anger issues and worse. In the US, 5000 murders are committed per anum by individuals between the ages of 14 and 17. When interviewed an alarming 70 percent had been involved in playing or viewing other disturbing games or movies. Those who do not end up in jail through this avenue, and do not go so far as to commit murder, still end up in troubling situations.

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