A South African Story - Crime, Public Transport and a Blackberry

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on Wednesday, 17 October 2007
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So, my car got stolen on the weekend.

On Saturday morning my domestic worker came into the house and asked why our gate was open and why the car was missing.

Bummer. But what really upsets me is that the kids' bikes were stolen at the same time.

One really has to wonder at the lack of caring when someone steals a pink bicycle with tassles and a tiny bike with fairy-wheels.

So, its public transport for me.

I do enjoy riding the bus. I like the walk to the bus stop. I catch the bus on Jan Smuts Ave and the walk to the bus stop takes less time in rush hour traffic than getting onto Jan Smuts in a car. Its fun walking past all the cars.

The buses are very sporadic going from the Northern Suburbs into Town but I can't really blame the department for that because the bus has never filled up. If all the people who whine about public transport actually used the bus then there may be more demand for more buses and the schedule would become more user-friendly.

I am lucky in that I work very close to the central bus terminus in town and it is a pleasant walk.

While on the bus I get to read - sometimes The Times, sometimes some information security publications that interest me, sometimes I just watch the cars out of the window. Its nice to look down on 4X4 drivers.

All the stress of driving in rush hour is no longer on my shoulders.

I guess that its better for the environment too. Yay me.

My only issue is that I get into work a little later than I would like and leave a little earlier. Sounds great but my work load has not decreased so I have less time left for doing the all important stuff like checking my blogs and my email.

That is where a Blackberry would be perfect. I could do all my email and checking on the bus... or not.

My choice.
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