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on Wednesday, 17 October 2007
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Men seriously have no clue... well not all men!

Last night M (my boyfriend who i will not name for his privacy, he hates it when I write about him) and I were at the movies.  We hade driven all the way there with him not asking about my day, (and i had so much happening and wanted to tell him how stressed i was) but i listened as he old me about his.  He didn't offer to buy movie tickets, even tho we were watching a movie he chose.  We stood in line and we got drinks and pocorn.  I asked a random question, "what if i had the opportunity of a lifetime and had to move the BLOEMFONTEIN, would you come with me?" "NOWAY!" was his answer. So we sat and the movies (horrible seats).  The movie was good and i asked him how it was, he did not ask me if i liked it. When we got to the car he opened it for me.  I was feeling better.  He then asked me about the new cd o had bought and if i liked it, so i popped the cd in and played him a song i liked, and asked him to listen to the words.  He tried to listen and after 30 seconds he said it was terrible and he could not here.  I had enough and switched to the radio station. (now i dnt know why i did that, but guess all the other stuff had built up)  I was sulking in car not talking or saying anything. He asked is there something wrong, so i said "NOTHING" (the female kind of nothing that actually means something BIG).  As we got to his place i wanted to leave and go home (not what we planned) and he was upset. "What is wrong with you" "I said nothing was wrong with me" (i then burst into tears)

He grabbed me and held me tight and he was truly worried, (prob thinking what is wrong with her now)

I was truely upset, he was being horrible and could not even see what he was doing wrong!  HE HAD NO CLUE!

So we went inside and talked about it, he couldn't believe he had sadend me so much without knowing. 

But i was also being very SENSITIVE!

So i have desided to be less sensitive and he promised to be more... CLUEd UP!


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The Source Wednesday, 17 October 2007

or maybe just phyco :upset

Claudette Crouch Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Ok ok mabe this article lacks a little bit of information.
I\'m a really sensitive person, i just expect people to treat me they way i treat them.

So if im super nice is there any reason not to be?

Urik Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Source shut up you waste of a sperm!

hey not ALL guys are like that ya know! he sounds like an insensitive ASS. but i dont know the whole story.
Hope he makes it up to you!

Buffy Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Lol, Shame man, I don’t think all men are insensitive. I think we as woman are also to blame for always saying “we are fine” or “nothing” when there is obviously something wrong…:sigh
But I hope all is sorted out

Claudette Crouch Thursday, 18 October 2007

People people people.
Mr M has appologiesed and cussled me every niight since Tuesday eve.

We have desided to rather leave the FINE or NOTHING out of our vocabs and everything will be ok!

He is actually a amazing guy just every now and again he acts like an ASS! :grin

Claudette Crouch Thursday, 18 October 2007

Sorry all the spelling mistakes hehehehe :eek

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