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on Tuesday, 17 April 2007
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Due to the nature of my busy schedule, I rarely watch TV, but when I do... soapie, soapie, soapie, garbled mnet, and soapie. I may have the fortune of switching to cricket... when SA is not playing. Added to the fact that 1 hour programs are actually 20 minutes, the rest consumed by adverts you have witnessed 30 times that week (I did mention, I don't watch much TV), and at the end of the year it's TV license time, time to pay for all the adverts.

Tuning to DSTV you say? where you pay a dozen times more per year for a dozen more repeats? Let's not get started on the compact version, where they decide what limited channels you watch, and then choose the ones you least want to see in the first place.

But don't despair, the future of television is a stone throw away, the glamour, the glitz... Junk, in DIGITAL.

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Townboy Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Hi X, Watch Telkom Media... :p

freeze Wednesday, 18 April 2007

I have to agree with X. Regarding Telkom Media, Telkom still needs the license and if it\'s going to be IPTV X is going to need a decent broadband connection.

Devastatin Dave Wednesday, 18 April 2007

What a waste of time this blog is.

Firstly, why do you expect broadcast programming will be any more suited to your particular tastes if it is transmitted in a different way.

You make no effort to actually explain what you mean by the \'future of television\' (DTT, IPTV, VOD.... what?)

Finally, just to educate you: TV licenses do not actually pay for adverts. In fact, advertising revenue in SA broadcasting is essential in subsidising the poor revenue from license fees.

Telkom Media is exciting, I agree. But it will still have adverts - there is no way to escape that.

xgavinc Tuesday, 08 May 2007

Dev, I don\'t think you have captured the point of what I was saying, let me explain...

I don\'t think broadcasting in a different medium (ie. Digital) will change the suitability of what I will see. It is what they broadcast over that particular medium that will.

Effort: The definition of \'Future Television\' I can describe as any medium to broadcast television (cable, HDTV,... whatever) for the future.

I agree with you on license fees being used primarily for the payment of SABC salaries, and other overheads, including the purchase of international TV programs and movies. I\'m not suggesting the abolishment of adverts, as that forms an integral part of revenue for both the SABC and advertiser, however, the timing of adverts is incorrect. Adverts should be placed at the beginning of a program and at the end, point. Watching movies I noticed that as the buildup to a climax, for example, just as an army is about to charge...advert! This ruins the movie. Get the point?

Ending: Adverts are the foundation of broadcasting whether in radio or TV, but the timing must be right. You don\'t hear the DJ on radio play an advert halfway through a song, just before the chorus, so why should it be like that in TV?

As to content, I have noticed an improvement in late night viewing, however, at around 6pm all 3 channels are soaps, some variation should be considered, not only for the viewers who don\'t want to watch soaps, but for the fans who would like to see all 3 and can\'t afford 2 VCR\'s / DVDR\'s.

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