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on Sunday, 14 October 2007
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Somehow, being Politically Incorrect is a very freeing experience. Especially if you knew the origin of the term. It was coined by Lenin, and basically meant you had to be agree with what his Bolshevik Party (later Communist Party) said was right. And it changed a lot.

The woman in the pic is my aunt. Rather was. Passed away recently, in peace, too! In the photo, she's a nun, but for much of her life she wasn't allowed to wear her habit. She was an Enemy of the People. I forget which "List" she fell under (B-List, X-List and so on) but she was seen as an expression of backwardness in an age of Scientific Socialism. An anachronism. So her order was closed down.

Yeah, they were real bad. Fascists, y'know. Capitalists and all that... I mean, they helped those who had nowhere to die. They helped the incurably ill, the rejects of society. Now there's a crime for you!

My uncles were both in Siberia. One spent 8 years there, the other is still there, in an unmarked grave. Distant cousins all got their free trips. Some died soon after, some died later, but they were wrecked as people.

The part I hate is that none of the countries were this happened, Russia, Ukriane, the former East Bloc, have ever had Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, none of them have opened up, no Communist I have ever heard of has apologised for their Crimes against Humanity. And the surviving victims take it real hard.

Sometimes, I feel pretty sore about that too. Living here in S.A., with all the apologies coming from ordinary whites and former Apartheid ministers about the evils of that system, I can't help wondering why we are judged to be unworthy of apologies.

Ending Number One (like on DVD movies):

But, what the hell, what's 93 million victims between friends?

Ending Number Two:

So, I reckon when the former Minister of Police (secret police?) washes the feet of someone he tried to bump off, we should be pretty grateful. And if we want to know what really happened, we can find out.

It could be a lot worse, so maybe appreciate good ol' Seff Effrica!


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