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on Friday, 12 October 2007
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So there I was, this silly thought sticking in my mind that I need to relive some of my childhood...I....need to play some computer games! Yay! Ok...so what now? I have a laptop now...all business man like...not good for playing games...not THIS one anyway...so...being a PC game fan...I look into what a new PC would cost...WHAT for a graphics card that can do 236 Gazzillion calculations in a second? So... the nintentdo Wii (We being the correct phonetic) was recently released after a deep and intricate 5 min research session...I decide...nah...not much fun alone...

So...the Paystation 3! Good console...well balanced (balances nicely on a stick). But alas...waaaay too pricey.

So...the Xbox 360 it is...I go to the Xbox 360 selling shop...a specific one, since I need a place to accept my cashless buying method... And I find a fine example of it too! Wrapped in American indestructable plastic, which is made in Taiwan and therefore VERY destructable... So I buy the suprisingly heavy machine...and a newly released best game ever...

Maybe I should stop here, "buying" implies taking the item, paying and leaving...this was more: Taking the item, having 2 (two) pregnancy tests, a verbal exam and blood drawn before being even concidered for the allowed amount of credit to be granted. And then, having to wait for an indefferent till machine to decide on the matter too...

Anyway...I am home...with my console weighing heavily on the back seat. Get home...open box...guess what!! They gave that very same game free with the console! Great! Super! Idiot had already opened the game in his excitement!!! Ummm..ja. Set it up...give it a go. Controller VERY different to the keyboard I notice. Hands and eyes have the co-ordination of a cricket giving its final death rattles in a Raid storm...So...I try later rather. And now...after two weeks. I have to admit its rather fun. Yes I know in a months time it will be absolute and overtaken by the Xbox Bazooka Suicide Driving Scrubber console. But so will everything else, even me! So I enjoy it now... really. I do... very much...promise!

Damn my cold feet!

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