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on Thursday, 12 April 2007
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IT`S EASY TO blame it on human nature when things that people do defy rational explanation. Reading the papers the other day I came across an article that said paying government employees more could be the answer to the corruption problem.


Forgive me if I am being a bit harsh, but what do you call it when people are unable to behave professionally when handling money – human nature?


We can`t even begin to count the number people in public office who`ve been found guilty of misappropriation, and yet a commission meant to find a transparent way of remunerating such officials has suggested that they be paid more so they aren`t quite as tempted to steal. Does this make any sense?

I am all for people being paid what they deserve and according to their place in any hierarchy, but let`s not make excuses for the bad that they do and then proceed to reward them for it.

Though MPs have been reported to be unhappy with the increases proposed for them, it was however mentioned that they would be getting 100% increases on their constituency allowances in an effort to encourage them to do their jobs better. I won`t even go into the allegations currently going back and forth, with MPs saying that if their performance has been found to be wanting, what about members of the judiciary who leave much to be desired in meeting their mandates.

It`s an ugly battle that will probably be put on the back burner eventually because it`s not a `matter of national importance`. Again I urge you to correct me if I am wrong but don`t these `soft issues` amount to larger issues if left unattended or as per our government`s style - investigated for years on end? Aren`t these the same issues that lead to national mudslinging and even national commissioners of police being linked to expert fraudsters?

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