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on Monday, 24 September 2007
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So..., after loads of research, speaking to "those in the know" and thumb-sucking on my broadband issues, I decided to go with a 3G modem for my Mac!

I arrived at Vodaworld in Joburg, fully enthused, and extended my contract to include a 500 Mb 3G contract. At the end of a blissful first month of being online, I got my invoice! I had gone slightly over the 500Mb limit. How could I have downloaded more than 500Mb? Anyway, giving them (Vodacom) the benefit of the doubt, I returned to Vodaworld and extended my contract to a 2GB limit.

Finally satisfied that all was in order and that I could now comfortably use the "extra" for my business, you know, for when I expand and get another employee! Very chuffed with my foresight and business prowess, I returned to happily chat on MyDL and do the occasional "Facebook drink". After a second month of being blissfully online, throwing sand at Oso in the MyDL sandpit and getting my name successfully removed of of Koo's Christmas list for the umpteenth time, I received my second invoice! It arrived, via e-mail, with my two cell phone accounts in a very neat little pdf package. "Very convenient, now I don't have to worry about the post box", I thought to myself.

The next thing I remember was laying on the floor, trying to figure out why my computer was at that strange angle. Slowly, I recovered to a sitting position and realized the computer was fine, it was the invoice that had so violently flung me to the floor! "You fool",  I thought to myself, "check it again". No! There it was again... A figure of 12,428.74, in nice neat Helvetica Bold 12pt... (JUST ON THE 3G ACCOUNT!!!) I quickly printed it out to make sure it was not a screen glitch or something of the sort. Nope, still there, but on paper this time. Panicking I turned the A4 folio upside down, then back again. No change, not even after violently shaking it!!

Grabbing the phone I called Vodacom to help me decipher this "code" they'd sent me. The lady was very helpful and "No sir, it is NOT printed out as bytes, ...and no sir, NOT bits either, ...and yes sir, it IS in SA Rands, ...and no sir, we do not cut it off once you've reached your limit, ...and yes sir, it's 19c per 1Mb to your limit and then R2 per 1Mb thereafter, ...and no sir, I cannot tell you how you managed to download over 8GB in one month, ... and no sir, we cannot send an itemized billing until you fax your request (in writing) with a copy of your ID book and a full set of finger prints, ...and yes sir, we'll do it within 48 hours... and thank you for calling sir".

With the well used brown paper bag, now crumpled up on my desk, I fax a very shakily handwritten fax, with full set of fingerprints, birth certificate, copy of ID book, TV license and dog license through to the number given to me. This was all done on the 5th of September.

Now, I'm not that big on "downloading"! I don't do porn, I don't download movies or even music for that matter, I don't send more than 5Mb files via e-mail, I don't forward ANY joke mail, I do however download upgrades for my software when it is available (one of the reasons for taking the 2GB contract in the first place). So, as I sit here in my own personal bewilderment,  I wonder if I don't have an outgoing mail virus or something??? Or maybe it is an error on Vodacom's side??? Or... damn, I feel another aneurysm developing.

It is now the 24th of September and after following up twice now, I am wondering if the very helpful lady meant 48 days. I will keep you "posted" the day I find out, whenever that may be!

A very flummoxed Nalay.
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Buffy Monday, 24 September 2007

Oh my Socks... :eek I would have got a slight heart failure...
Hope you get this sorted out soon, Good luck

Syllable Monday, 24 September 2007

OMG! :eek I read this to The MD, and he promptly demanded his laptop back. Shall we stick to texting and using free minutes? ;)

Nalayrag Monday, 24 September 2007

Hey guys, thanks for the wishes Buffs and, yar Sylls, I think I\'ve a load of free minutes left. ;)

Maybe we should just go back to snail mail or even smoke signals? I\'ll light up my braai later and let you know when we can do a lunch drink again... lol :grin

AACandidate Monday, 24 September 2007

If it is not vodacom there must be some malware in your pc that is causing the damage pls check your firewall log files and any other logfiles print them if you have to.I am sure you do have a program to remove spyware if not get one.If it still does not work try to download advanced task manager and a port scanner so that you get full details of what is running in the background.

Charmed Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Someone at work had the same problem with MTN.

I highly recommend you go with iBurst Prepaid package... I\'m currently on it and when I reach my limit, my account gets capped. I then purchase more with my credit card.

Its the safest thing!

Townboy Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Oops...OMG, I think Les has been \'stealing\" porn time when you are not looking...good luck... :eek :eek

The Source Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Thank my lucky stars I took the Iburst, at least you don\'t fall on your back.

Ask Giken to phone \'em :grin

OS GIKEN Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hoooooo Haaaaaa will PM a solution to you OS style! :grin

Yossarian Wednesday, 26 September 2007

You don\'t have fring installed by any chance? It dials up all the time without asking.

Anyway, Vodacom can\'t charge you that kind of money without telling you why. Your ultimate power is not to pay it.

BRE! Friday, 28 September 2007

you dont browse \"those\" sites anymore. got it? :grin

Nalayrag Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Yes dady BRE! ;)

The Source Thursday, 07 February 2008


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