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on Thursday, 06 September 2007
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Let’s face it – we live in a society where we are surrounded by negativity. Well, that and the fact that it is so blatantly obvious. Allow me to expand…

We have a Health Minister, and for that matter, a good portion of parliament that’s an absolute joke.

We’ve already experienced 6 consecutive interest rate hikes since June 2006. Not to mention the new Rates Policy on our properties that is in the process of being passed where we will going forward, not only be taxed on the value of our land, but also the value of any improvements on the land (meaning the value of your house).

Oh, yes – and don’t forget about the very realistic possibility of a soon to be implemented new Road/Toll Tax when traveling on main routes between JHB and PTA. I believe that the speculated rate will be around 50c per kilometer.

This just warms your heart – doesn’t it?

And yet – there’s more.

We all hear of and read about, murders, rapes and hi-jackings taking place every single day around us – and that’s if you are lucky enough not to be that person everyone is reading about in the papers. Yet we have the Deputy President of the ANC singing a song about his machine gun at just about every rally he is able to attend. Way to go Mr. Zuma – I personally cannot think of a better way to promote violence among our youth, except maybe handing out flyers with instructions on how to use this machine gun of yours.


As you can see from my observations, the problem is that we get so caught up in this negativity that we miss all the good that is taking place around us.

Point in case – take 94.7’s Jeremy Mansfield and the Rude Awakening team. For those of you who don’t know, these ever inspiring individuals have called on all Joburgers (and South Africans) to think and act positively for 21 days being 1 to 21 September.

This challenge is for everyone to do one positive action a day during this time – no matter how big or small - and in turn make SA a more positive place to live in.

Say what you will but good deeds can and do rub off. So to end, if nothing else – just give a smile, at least it confuses parliament…

Hope you had a blessed spring day!

- Topdog

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Charmed Thursday, 06 September 2007

The interest rate hike got us screwed :cry Its putting me off buying property... maybe I\'ll wait :upset

Nice post, Topdog 8)

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