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on Wednesday, 29 August 2007
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There's just been so much coverage that i can't stop myself. As a prolofic reader, i just can't keep it all in anymore, so while chaos about Dr Beetroot erupts, i took time out to decipher the livergate timeline.

First there was the Manto Sandwich - an advert for Blue Ribbon bread that appeared (but just once) in the Times. A sarmie with beetroot, garlic and lemon was what the ad advocated, but the cheecky copy was so good that i remember calling the agency and the creative to give 'em a verbal pat on the back. I think it was Khaki someone...anyway, although i can't reacall the exact copy, it went something like this : When everyone's calling for your resignation..." Ahem.

Actually, now that i think back to the beginning of Manto - no, not her birth, her beginning - i think that one of the very first rips was done by South Africa's funny man (or not so funny man anymore), Leon Schuster. Again, although i can't remember the exact details - forgive me Manto, i lost the records - the joke was on Tsabalala, as we all sang along to: "Tsabalala-Msimang, Tsabalala maak my bang".

Then, more recently, company jokers have gone bananas, and i've heard them all. Hospitals have changed their names to Manto's Pub and Grill, i know the lyrics to new rhymes that end in 'Mang', and, my personal favourite - the scandal has finally been titled: Livergate.

So what's on the cards next? Will the timeline end in court? Who will be the Star of the show?

My prediction is that the little gremlin will inspire a whole new range of healthy snacks. Like similar scottish snack bars, Manto will have her own healthy and nutty offering - the Much more Manto. With flavours coming in nut, nut and triple nut, what kind of a manto-macker are yoo?

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Townboy Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Yay!!! Manto \"feel it it in your liver\"

Nalayrag Thursday, 30 August 2007

Bwaahahah... love the \"mutch-moore-manto\" bit and yar TB, you just gotta \"love-her\" :grin

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