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on Friday, 06 April 2007
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THE PE TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT recently advertised for five honest people to monitor bribery and corruption within the department. Explaining the planned new system, transport director Charles Raymond said an applicant would have to bribe all five `honest` officials to get what they wanted. I was impressed by the effort.

Firstly, it brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to the heart to think that our traffic department still has faith in South Africa`s ability to be honest. Although this may seem a little naive to some, it does, however, remind us that perhaps not everybody walking towards our car is about to hijack us, not everyone walking past our house is a robber and not every traffic officer is looking for a quick buck. There are still some honest people out there who are doing their jobs earnestly.

Many politicians have tried to blame the wave of bribery and corruption on things like poverty, a largely uneducated nation, apartheid and even the improper usage of birth control.

But I think it simply boils down to people not being able to resist a quick, dishonest buck. Funny enough, the few proven corrupt people that I have spoken to have tried to justify their actions with statements like, "I didn`t think it would be such a big deal, I mean who would have known?" Others honestly say that they expected to do it just one time in an effort to fix a financial crisis in which they found themselves, but with time it just became irresistible.

I think that this is the kind of thing that could become addictive, given the opportunity. Also, has it been considered that some people are forced into being accessories to corruption, in order to keep their own much-needed jobs?

I think we need to find ways in which to sieve out the good apples because it`s clearly their turn to be in the spotlight. And then we need a holistic plan to root out the corruption for good.



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Townboy Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Great article, when you writing more? :zzz

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