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on Monday, 27 August 2007
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Monopolies never cease to amaze me.

For anyone who doesnt know  EPG stands for Electronic Program Guide.    A fairly large number of people in SA (1400 roughly) chose not buy a PRV decoder from multichoice,  or like me we built our HTPC's years before multichoice even launched their PVR.    For our HTPC (Home Theatre  PC)  to run smoothly we need a EPG,   so that we have access to the DSTV guide to set recordings and so forth.  

Luckily a JHB based programer took it apon himself to write a EPG scraper to gather the guide in XML and host these 30day files for us to download and import into our systems.    This worked great for more than 3 years,    while DSTV ignored our requests for them to actually provide the EPG data themselves.   Suddenly they take this approach:

 and their response is this:

 (MultiChoice Corporate):  Official Company Statement

MultiChoice has the responsibility to protect itself from actions which may harm its business or compromise the integrity of its broadcast platform. These actions may include the unauthorized use of its material for any other purposes.
MultiChoice would like to reiterate that our broadcast content is intended only for transmission to our set top box, and not for transfer thereafter, to any other third party set top box/ device in which our encryption / AC software is not present, as we cannot guarantee that it will not be copied or pirated.
Unfortunately the company will have to take action against parties who are copying our EPG for purposes of transferring, and pirating or copying our channel providers content.
Are they saying all VCR activity is illigal? ;)   or TV's with harddrive capacity built in?    We all own dstv decoders,  are paying subscribers,   we have every right to record shows,   and as the guide is puplic domain,  we have every right to it in an electronic form.   Really now... how top secret are tv show times? ;)  

 It really bewilders me,   when they should be gearing for actual competition in the broadcasting space,   they choose to attack a small tech savvy portion of their PAYING subscribers.   There is no way any of these user will succumb and buy an inferior black box PVR (even though its not a horrendous product - it would be moving backwards).    

 Its safe to say,   we WILL make a plan and if we individually have to EPG scrap the dstv site for our data...  we will.

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AACandidate Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Is there anything that a Multichoice PVR has that a Home Theater PC does not have.Why get PVR when I can have timeshifting capability on my pc

SilverTubes Wednesday, 29 August 2007

well there are so many flavors of HTPC software, from linux based mythTV to windows media centre. I think they cover every feature that the PVR can and many more.

You can also have 2 capture cards to get dualview signals from a dualview decoder. I believe multichoice has terminated that \'choice\' (they really need a name change) and only allow dualview on PVR\'s. ie no more dual view decoders... but i speak under correction on that.

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