Is the Sunday Times persecuting Manto?

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on Thursday, 23 August 2007
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According to News24 here, Mangosuthu Buthelezi has weighed in on the Manto matter on the side of the minister. He believes that the Sunday Times is witch-hunting Manto's alcoholism purely out of malice, just like the Marquis of Queensberry ruined Oscar Wilde by forcing him to confess to homosexual practices in court. Buthelezi infers that alcoholism, like homosexuality, obesity and smoking, are private matters that do not have any bearing on a person's fitness to hold a post.

I have to disagree. Alcoholism interferes with anyone's ability to hold a job. It's an addiction. There is no cure for it. Alcohol, like any drug, affects mental performance and, most importantly, judgement. For an addict, nothing - nothing - not duties, not relationships, not other people's trust, not other people's possessions, not other people's wellbeing - nothing is more important than the next fix.

That's why we can't afford to have an alcoholic holding high office. There may be personal enmities driving the deconstruction of Manto, but the reason why the allegations have been made does not affect whether they are true or not. I don't care if people say that the accusations are coming from "white illiberals" or "tame natives". I want the facts. Just the facts.,,2-7-12_2169360,00.html

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