Telkom`s price vs ISP`s prices!

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on Saturday, 23 July 2005
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I go on to the net once in a while with my dial up modem, because it tends to cost too much! I’m an average person earning less than R2500.00 pm. I for one, would love to get ADSL, but just can’t afford the monthly rentals, my service provider charges for the 3gig (because that is what Telkom limits it to) R323.00 per month, now add that onto the rental from telkom for the ADSL 192kb, that is a fortune out of my pocket, R+- 600.00. If I just had to pay my ISP for the service, don’t you think that, that is more than enough, I`m sure the ISPs are paying Telkom as well for that matter, so then what, Telkom makes the money, retrenches people, so that the CEO can have more money, and we have a really S@#&ty service from telkom to client! I would like to see the prices dropped dramatically! If this is the attitude from Telkom, then I will stick to using my cellphone, it turns out to be much cheaper than Telkom! So telkom, must stop lying to people out there, and be honest to us clients out here, we all want to see a DRASTIC IMPROVEMENT TO ALL OF THIS!
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