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on Tuesday, 31 July 2007
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Some Beatles fans are doing their nut that the legendary peace anthem ‘All you need is love’ is the backtrack for a new ad campaign for disposable nappies.
A spokesman who would not divulge his name, but who obviously feels important enough to speak as if for all Beatles fans everywhere said:-
“It is disgusting that this almost hallowed song is used to peddle crappy nappies as if it were just any old shitty ditty!”


The Rolling Stones have cracked a payment of $5.4 million for a single private concert in Spain. There were 500 guests from the investment bank fraternity in Barcelona and the gig was paid for by Deutsche Bank.
Can you believe a tab of over $100,000.00 per guest! Mick Jagger and his famous travelling English Cucumber joked that the best part was that the colossal payment was coming out of executive bonuses. He was surprised that no-one laughed. C’mon Mick, you tired old legume, don’t you know any Germans?

Another guy who can’t take a joke is the Spanish judge who is out to get the cartoonist who had the monumental cheek to lampoon Crown Prince Felipe by showing him uhm… bonking his own wife or something else that was funny in the royal boudoir.
Wearing some Spanish Inquisition-type headgear this tosser ordered the magazines carrying the offending cartoon to be withdrawn from shelves. He forgot the Spanish philosophy of manana, so by the time they got around to obeying him, every copy had been sold. - Tamara Goosen

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