NKD - What's that noise?

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on Tuesday, 17 July 2007
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NKD - What's that noise?

Exactly the question I want answered.

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These birds - (ltr) Deidre Visse, Nicky de Lange and Kesha Charlton-Perkins (Geddit? NKD? Marketing Genius!) of Idols 3 fame - have just won their first award in South Africa for best musical newcomers and I'm having great difficulty understanding why.

I understand it's different strokes for different folks but I'm surprised these girls are getting away with as much as they are.

I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the entire album yet but have had two vid's - namely What I Believe and What's That Noise - shoved down my throat for a few months now and these two tracks alone have been enough to persuade me not to part ways with the hundred odd bucks it'd cost to own the entire shebang.

Both songs sound nauseatingly similar and both videos are simply pushing personality and sex in an attempt to sell records, which, of course, I agree with. This is how most pop stars sell their wares but these three are just too desperate in their attempts.

Deidre is ALWAYS smiling her very cheeky smile, Nicky is ALWAYS tarting things up, teetering in too high heels (looks like a wee bit of a drinking problem here if the local tabloids are anything to go by) and Kesha is ALWAYS fading into the background though you'd think this near impossible as she is ALWAYS dressed in horribly inappropriate and unflattering clothing.

What's that noise? and NKD have been touted as the latest pop sensation to hit South Africa... have these people not heard of Britney Spears? Xtina? Crikey, even Natasha Bedingfield strikes a note five hundred metres closer to Pop than these three ever will.

I live in hope that they're evolve, grow, pay attention to the way the world perceives 'pop' music and maybe their next offering (because there will undoubtedly be one) is marginally better written, planned and marketed, but when you look at other 'South African pop sensations' like Eden and Amore Vittone you kind of have to give up hoping.

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Charmed Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I totally agree...\'whats that noise\' totally sucks! they just won the award because they are the \'recipe\' of a \'typcial\' pop band (which isnt common in SA). Talent surely didnt win them the award. :eek

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