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on Thursday, 23 February 2006
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I recently read an article in the iWeek magazine headlining The year of the tender.

After reading the article I came to the conclusion that everything which was stated in the article was very ambiguous and stated things which we ALL know already. Facts which were highlighted included the problems which arise from the scorecard which is used to evaluate and adjudicate tenderers proposals.


Problems such as undercutting pricing models, fronting on BEE (which thanks goodness, is been clamped down on now) and corruption are all huge problems. Now what grinds me is that even though they know about all these problems, nothing gets done about it to rectify them and make the paling field fairer. I say this because it takes at least a full week a hard work to prepare the average tender and if these problems are rectified then all this work been put in by individuals within companies is a complete waste of time and unproductive.


Coincidently, a week before a read an article about a company called nFold which developed office software (or at least i think so). part of this software is the automation of tenders. The lady will be coming to see me next week to demonstrate the software. I am hoping this software develops a template with all the normal information required such as BEE, company structure, due diligence etc and the only part which actually has to be worked on is the solution structure and pricing thereof. If this is the case, it will cut down the time of tender preparation by half for my company.

 For interest sakes, does anyone know where to find out as to who a tender was awarded to. Lately, the tenders which we havent been awarded havent published the winning tenderer

I will keep all bloggers up to date with this if anyone is interested

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