Please, Britain, Invade Us!

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on Monday, 02 July 2007
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Pius Ncube, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Bulawayo, has said that Britain would be justified in invading its former colony to overthrow the regime of Robert Mugabe. Justified, maybe, but duty bound? Absolutely not!

What I can't understand is why, if the Mugabe regime is as terrible as it's made out to be, why Zimbabweans are being so passive about it. Like, are they prepared to starve to death without a whimper? Where are the struggle activists? Where is the rolling mass action? Where are the student protests? Compared to the apartheid machine, Mugabe is a tinker toy. Did Zimbabweans learn NOTHING from South Africa's liberation struggle? Or doesn't liberation apply when the oppressor is black?

Now as the wheels fall off Zimbabwe's hard-won democracy, the cry goes up again: "Save us, evil colonialists, we are victims!" The irony is breathtaking.

OK, I admit it. The UK did invade Iraq to bring about regime change. Silly idea in Iraq, a silly idea in Zimbabwe. The last thing they are going to do is reach out a helping hand to Zimbabwe so that they can once more be reviled as scavenging imperialists. And a good thing too. I hate what is happening in Zimbabwe, but I'm beginning to think, "You made your bed, you can lie in it... or not."

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coldfury Wednesday, 04 July 2007

eish! I think the Mugabe regime rules with an iron fist. Student marches will be crushed and any organised event against the government will end in tears. Freedom of speech does not exist in Zimbabwe anymore.

Potion Monday, 02 July 2007

\"Did Zimbabweans learn NOTHING from South Africa\'s liberation struggle?\" Did they learn nothing from their own liberation struggle? Clearly not.

Gr8Whte Monday, 09 July 2007

There are no protests or events as they (the people) know it will be faced with more violence than anything seen in the old RSA. Do some research and you will find that Mugabe has destroyed many viliges and killed hundreds of people.

On Iraq, if you know anything about Sadam and the evil \\ terror he ruled with you would agree the invation was justified. It is no surprice the weapons of mass detruction were not found. He had more than enough time to move it to his buddies.

baka Monday, 09 July 2007

The only reason why Britain/US is not invading Zimbabwe is because they wont benefit from Oil fields like in the Middle East ;)

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