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on Thursday, 28 June 2007
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Living life is a painful daunting experience as we

Spiral down our own dark tunnel of

Depression and fear.

We are all aware that the cold hard ground

Grows closer as the days pass

Hesitantly, but we

Suffer still...

At times digging deeper making tomb stones

With the rocks to berry our hopes and

Dreams leaving them to collect dust

As we franticly dig looking

For love that was

Never there.

Shattering the glass with our despair to

Hide us in the dark, with fears

That someone will see our

Shovels and tack them

From us,

Forcing us to look at what we

Have become.

By: Aniece ley


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Potion Thursday, 28 June 2007

Ah, depression, loneliness and hardship are such an inspiration to creativity. I wonder just how many marginal folk have offed themselves after listening to Peter Gabriel?

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