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on Thursday, 06 April 2006
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As consumers of web services - in their various forms - we have become used to real time (or in-the-moment) responses.  We are a group of society accustomed to instant gratification whatever we do, and wherever we are.

Where am I going with this? Perhaps I should start by describing where this originated.

I am the user of a Nokia 9300 communicator (don`t get me started on the slow Symbian OS for this model...), and bundled with this phone came a neat app called MobiPocket. This is software that allows one to read eBooks on portable devices such as phones and PDAs.  MobiPocket.com allows users to create an account on its server and download eBooks for consumption on their devices.
I decided to try this out for myself, but without much success. I must have made 6 or 7 attempts to create a username and password combination, and each time the page simply reloaded - not even an error message was displayed.  I alternated these attempts with an attempt to actually log in. This met with equal (non)success. At one point the site actually returned the message that the login/password combination already existed, and that I should choose another account.  I eventually gave up in total disgust.  I`ll settle for creating my own content with the MobiPocket ebook creator I downloaded from the site instead (14 day eval version).

My experience left me with the feeling that I have truly become a creation of my environment.  A website that wants my eyeball-seconds must deliver first time or I am going to move on.  I want instant gratification, and I want it now!

That I tried several times bears mute testimony to the fact that the site offers something I want - but one strike and you`re out is my attitude at the moment. It will be a long time before I decide to try again.

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