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on Thursday, 14 June 2007
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As the wonderful world gets even more mobile it’s important that you as a 21 century gorgon (person) keeps up with the latest trends and fashions.

No I don’t mean clothing, I’m taking about that indispensable little friend that you keep close to you all the time, It sleeps in your bedroom, It goes on dates with you and I sure it has seen some things that would make you blush, yes its your Cell Phone…

The fashion statement of the 21 century not only must it look cool with pretty colours and funky lights but it needs to be equipped with everything but the kitchen sink ,,, oh sorry while writing this a new phone just came out with that function.

So what’s new that’s going to be coming out,

Well imagine playing a game of dice on your cell phone, the only way the dice start rolling is not by you pushing the start button but by you actually shaking your phone. The game runs in-conjunction with your phones camera, as soon as it picks up that the phone is moving the dice start rattling. When you stop shaking the phone the dice stop rattling and in effect role… This is a new level in interactive games that will be hitting the South African market shortly. The truly amazing thing here is that currently the game requires you to have a camera for verifying the stability of the phone, but Nokia has developed a stabilisation system that will be embedded in phones of the future for this type of interactivity that will not need cameras.

And what would life be with out an up dated version of the
Tamagotchi, yes you can now buy a new virtual pet but with a difference, you need to touch him/her…it… The Tamagotchi uses your mobile phones camera to interact with you. You don’t simply push a button to have play time, now you have to put your hand into the view of your camera. Your hand will then appear on the screen in the virtual environment. Once there you will need to touch your Tamagotchi in order to play with it and make it happy. To feed it you will have to open the cupboard and get it food…

So go out and find a new application for your phone to be a real trend setter

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