Crime Is An Issue, Here's One Potential Solution

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on Tuesday, 12 June 2007
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<a href="">Crime Line</a> is an anonymous crime tip-off line. You can SMS your tip offs to 33221 or <a href="">submit them online</a> (not as anonymous I image).
This is the stuff that I like to see. Companies and organisations taking ownership of not only problems but more importantly, solutions. This is a solution, or at the very least it is attempting to become a solution.

According to the <a href="">HCR blog</a> within one hour of launching the site and idea the first criminal was apprehended via a tip off! Brilliant, not only is it a potential solution to some of a great big problem but it actually works and might continue to do so.

There is one comment on the HCR blog that I agree with strongly, R1 is a cost that should be much, much lower. Unfortunately purchasing these "32211" numbers requires a cost to the owner. I think that some of the, if not all of the cellphone companies need to jump on board with this project and provide users with a cheap, if not free means to alert police via this number.

This project is a <a href="">Primedia</a> initiative as far as I can see from the website. Good on big media, what a great show of faith/step in the right direction!

From the website:
<blockquote><strong>Crime is a problem - but you can help solve it.</strong>

There is no doubt crime is affecting all of us. It's easy to feel helpless, thinking there's nothing you can do to stop it. But, you can! Crime Line will help make our country safer.

This is a Primedia Ltd group initiative. It is independent and anonymous and aimed at getting criminals off the streets.

We want you to blow the whistle on crime. We will pass on the information to the authorities who have undertaken to act.
All we want you to do is to pass on information of any criminal activity you know of. </blockquote>
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