Do they know something we don't???

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on Thursday, 07 June 2007
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I'm an avid fan of movies, and I try to watch as many as a I can at any given time. I have noticed a certain trend from the Hollywoodians, and I wonder if there is something behind this trend. There was 12 Monkeys, a film where Bruce Willis is sent back in time to stop an outbreak of a deadly virus. There were other after that, but one I remember is Deja Vu, with Denzel Washington. There's an upcoming one called Premonition with Sandra Bullock and the much hyped series Heroes, with the Japanese guy having the ability to travel into the future at an instant. Now I wonder, with all these films about time travel and so on, could there be something that these Hollywoodians know that the rest of us don't? I believe in time travel and if you dig deep into science, you might find that there is some logic to it. Quantun Physicists can better describe how it works. Perhaps these Physicists have figured out how its done and Hollywood is a pre-launch strategy to avoid shock when they are ready for real tests. My 2 Cents worth!!!
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