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on Thursday, 07 June 2007
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I find myself thinking why are a lot games (pc and console) these days so short that you can finish it in a day. These developers are probably just out for a quick buck. Some of these games are good and some not so good. I will happily play a good game even though it is short as long as it is good. So now I am making a list of some of the shortest and longest games I have ever played.

Shortest Games:
1.Half-Life 2 (Not enough levels)(Brilliant game)
2.Max Payne (Also not enough levels)
3.Max Payne 2 The Fall Of Max Payne (Not enough levels)
4.Area 51 (Same)(Great game)
5.Tomb Raider Legend (Same)(Good game)
6.Black & White 2 (Not enough islands and the islands are way to short)
7.Deus Ex Invisible War (Not enough locations)
8.Quake 4 (Not Enough levels)(Great game)

Longest Games
1.Guild Wars Nightfall (Huge game world with a lot of quests)
2.Any Final Fantasy Game (A lot of quests)
3.Titan Quest (24 four hours in and I still haven't finished it) (Tons of side quests and a huge envirement)
4.Prince Of Persia Warrior Within (Just one huge very long level that spreads over a entire castle)
5.Far Cry (20 Amazingly long levels)
6.Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (Tons of quests and places to explore)

This is not nearly al of them but I am running out of time. It is time that developers realise that we want long fun games and not short ones even though they are fun. If the game is long then more people will buy it because then they can enjoy it longer then the short ones.Even though some of these short games were very fun it didn't lost very long because the games were too short.
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irrititis Thursday, 07 June 2007

seems to me you spend too much time with games!!!

hlakile Thursday, 07 June 2007

I think the games are getting shorter and shorter because the marketing pressure is getting greater and greater. Companies are being forced to produce games faster and faster and although technology permits them to do it with greater ease, this is still not enough. Shareholders want their piece of the action, regardless. That is the dilemma we face in this day and age.

To be honest, I do not buy games. When in my teens, I used to just pirate games. No money to buy, eager to play them. Copy as you play, eazy peazy. I prefer the older games that had a lot more to them. Arcade games like Mortal kombat and Samurai Shodown can be download in emulator and ROM form. The emulator is seldom more than 10MB and the roms are smaller still. Much more fun!

When I first started playing games, I was amazed at the world\'s unfolding in front of me. If you take Star Control II, you were busy for HOURS! Even a simple game like Civilization was amazing at the time! Graphics was not that great, but the storyline was excellent!

Gamers should start complaining about short games over other mediums than the internet. Rally for longer games! Let the voices be heard!

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