rats and the pavement people

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on Wednesday, 06 June 2007
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who ever thought we could get pouring rain like today in june in johannesburg! it's supposed to be raining in cape town! but, i don't think we can complain... my garden certainly needs the water.

driving when it's raining i always notice  the pavement people - they've got this "please don't splash me rainwater while driving like a lunatic to get to your next destination" - look in their eyes. then i see the rats from the ratrace who don't care about anything other than their own ratmobile and it's power,  gunning it to get past the taxi/old lady/stupid idiot driving slowly in the rain in front of them. inevitably the poor pavement person gets splashed. the rat doesn't give it one more thought, he's fine in his airconditioned ratmobile. dry and mighty! and how long will it take before the pavement person can be dry and warm again?

What will it take for the rats to slow down a bit, haven't they ever noticed their little rat wheel just keeps turning and turning?  racing in circles? why not slow down a bit, not splash the pavement people and get to their  destination in one piece? All it takes is a little bit of planning - to leave early enough to compromise for bad traffic, red lights and rain, and a little consideration for those around them like the pavement people! maybe then they'll also notice the fun stuff outside the ratrace!!!
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