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on Wednesday, 06 June 2007
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It's really amazing at the lack of interest most youth have when it comes to reading. i know this might sound like something you may or may not have heard before. i say this as it is something that i've seen among my peers and the younger ones. it's really rare for one to find a book club in the area that i live. you barely heart people discussing books if it's not school/varsity related. if it'f not that then its magazines. i'm a regular newspaper reader and there is always something interesting to read. there are a number of youth shows on TV and it always amazes me to hear some of the answers the youth give to the currrent affairs question. being up to date is one of the most important tools that one can have. this is more due to the fact that if you are up to date with the current affairs you are more likely to taken serious in life. besides if you knew that the price of food for example was going up you would be able to know the reason for that.

we know live in the information era, meaning information is in abundance. the internet is one of the best sources of information. this allows anyone who has access to the internet to be able to retrieve information on any topic. you are more likely to find the youth using the internet for games,music and videos. some might want to blame the parents or schools for the lack of interest youth has for information. basically at the current rate that the youth are moving we are probably going to have one of the most dull adults in the near future.

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Wolf Wednesday, 06 June 2007

I still find reading the most inexpensive and preferable method of entertaining myself. I might not be a big reader of newspapers (gasp), but I love my books and would hate to have to do without them.

I blame the lack of interest in books and reading on parents, really; in my personal experience, it was being read to as a kid that sparked my love of words and captured my imagination and made me want to read more. It is perhaps the absence of a similar emotional connection to words and reading that has led to the perceived disinterest in reading by our youth...?

Then again, no doubt the previous generation entertained a similar cynicism when it came to the up-and-coming generation, and we turned out all right.


Charmed Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Agree with Wolf... it comes down to what parents expose their kids to. With the way technology has taken over, no kid wants to read anymore?

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