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on Wednesday, 06 June 2007
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The Urban Myth has finally leaped into our laps and what was promising be an end to the reign of Telkom is once again another ISP service that jumps on the money making band wagon.

To first revise the myth. You would be able to receive broadband internet by just plugging your computer into a power socket. This service would create an inner city intranet where surfing on local content would be free. That was the word that should have given it away. FREE.

So here comes Goal that fill that space in the industry. Needless to say I am disappointed.

Goal ADSL Fact Sheet
Description Speed * Data Included per month Per Month Incl. VAT Contract Required Hardware
Goal ADSL 1G Unshaped Depends on ADSL line 1 Gigabyte hard capped R 92 Month to Month ADSL modem
Goal ADSL 3G Unshaped Depends on ADSL line 3 Gigabytes hard capped R 259 Month to Month ADSL modem
Goal ADSL 5G Unshaped Depends on ADSL line 5 Gigabytes hard capped R 381 Month to Month ADSL modem
Goal ADSL 10G Unshaped Depends on ADSL line 10 Gigabytes hard capped R 667 Month to Month ADSL modem
Goal ADSL 15G Unshaped Depends on ADSL line 15 Gigabytes hard capped R 952 Month to Month ADSL modem
Goal ADSL 20G Unshaped Depends on ADSL line 20 Gigabytes hard capped R 1,237 Month to Month ADSL modem
Top Up
Goal Top Up 1GB Unshaped Depends on ADSL line Extra 1GB Data R 110 N/A N/A
* Telkom line charges excluded

So now I am sitting with a few questions with regards to how cost effective this will be. Their site doesn't really help me with regards to it. And I am waiting for an reply on their emails since January. Don't try to phone them, I tried about 6-7 times already.

  • If this services runs via a power line grid, why do I need a Telkom Line?
  • Does this influance my Electricity bill as the movement of data on the lines is a physical unit movement?
  • Why are the charges similar to that of current similar services like ADSL, Iburst etc ?
  • Why dont you pick up your phones?
At the current stage I wish them the best of luck and hope that they will have the ability to drop prices in the future. But the current scenario leaves no room to convince me that this will be the future on digital connection. I hope they don't go down the same route as Gogga who where just out classed at the end of the day.

However, new faces that provide another option to a growing service problem in the connection industry should always be welcomed. Competition in the first world is good for business and it sharpens you marketing and service output. Sadly in South Africa it seems to have reverse effect if any effect at all.
I think that I will just stick with my Iburst for now, thank you.
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Charmed Wednesday, 06 June 2007

With iBurst, you get connected within 48 hours! iBurst is cool 8)

The Source Wednesday, 06 June 2007

The only problem I had with Iburst was my own stupidity... and they showed that to me without letting me feel like an idiot.

Great Support

Paul Friday, 08 June 2007

Umm... you are quoting their ADSL prices NOT the IP over Powerlines prices.

On their own network you get a rocking 3gb at 512k for R410pm. I hope you all notice the sarcasm there. They didn\'t quite seem to factor in that bandwith has become a lot cheaper of late

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