Licensing more TV stations will be bad for local content quotas

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on Wednesday, 30 May 2007
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I do not think that licensing more Pay TV operators will have much impact on the amount of local content we will see. In fact, it could make the situation worse.

At a recent conference, a speaker mentioned that licensing more Pay TV operators will have  positive impact on the amount of local content we see.

I do not think that licensing more Pay TV operators will have much impact on the amount of local content we will see. In fact, it could make the situation worse.

This is because it is something like 5-10 times more expensive to buy locally-produced content (even though it is in rands) than geting cheap junk soaps and movies from the US (even though that is in dollars). This is something that some SABC people highlighed in a guest lecture at Rhodes a few years ago.

(Local content is expensive because it is a small industry, rather inefficient and lacking competiton, which needs expensive equipment)

Having more broadcasters will mean more competition, lower prices and fewer subscribers to go around (with which to market oneself to advertisers)... these thinner margins will force cost-cutting - which makes it very difficult for a broadcaster to shell out so much more on local content, as opposed to the cheaper option of syndicated trash.

I would love it if there was more local content. I'm sure most people would. I saw 'Bunny Chow' on an plane recently (about the only place that I ever watch movies), one of the best movies I've seen in ages.

But in reality, more local content? I think this is just a dream.

Obviously we could have sterner regulation in terms of content quotas... but this may force financial pressures on the new broadcasters that kill them off before they have had a chance to begin -- nobody would want that either.

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Guest Wednesday, 30 May 2007

might actually give you something worth watching..

OS GIKEN Wednesday, 30 May 2007

no more reruns of 1990\'s movies wonder is\'s bull :(

Andile Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I don\'t think you\'ve thought your argument out completely.

Lets thrash it through. In a world where there is 1 tv channel and 11 programes available on tv. Lets assume the channel is held to a quota system (as I understand it there is a quota in place the specifics however are uknown to me)something like 1 local series to 10 foreign.

Thats reasonable right one local series will be aired on tv.

Now keep all other regulatory frameworks etc constant and then add 1 more channel. You will now find that there are 2 local progammes on TV... and so on and so forth.

Question? What will keep the TV stations from airing the same local series. Answer with increased competition they will want to establish product differentiation. Each channel will find it needs to be different to keep its viewerships up and in turn its revenues.

Charmed Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Another point that you\'re missing is quality. In my opinion, some of the local programmes are of very poor quality, including the acting. It does not make local series\' worth watching.

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