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on Wednesday, 30 May 2007
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Wikipedia has a magnificently insightful and humorous list of South African Slang words. I have selected some of my favourites and the ones I found the most hilarious!

Have a look:

bergie - from berg, mountain, originally referring to vagrants who sheltered in the forests of Table Mountain; now a mainstream word for a particular subculture of vagrants in Cape Town. When used as slang refers to anyone down and out

bioscope, bio - cinema, movie theatre (now dated), originally a defunct international English word it has survived longer in South Africa as a result of the influence of the Afrikaans cognate bioskoop

boerewors - spicy sausage (Afrikaans) farmer-sausage, used as a mainstream word in South African English

bru - male friend (shortening of broer meaning brother, see also bra below)

dinges - thingamabob, a wotzit or a whatchamacallit

dof - stupid

fyndraai - at the brink of orgasm (Afrikaans - at the fine end of the last turn)

gatvol - fed up, had enough. (Afrikaans - hole-full)

goof, goef - swim, dip

hoesit, hoezit, howzit - how’s it going? How are you?

jislaaik! - wow!

kiff, kif, kief - (adjective) cool, neat, great, wonderful (from Arabic, kayf, meaning enjoyment or wellbeing)

windgat - highty-tighty; highty and mighty; snobbish. (Afrikaans: wind hole)

vrot - rotten, putrid

stukkend - (Afrikaans) broken

swak - broke. Original Afrikaans: weak. "I'm swak, ek sê". Also used to express disgust or derision (depending on tone and context), for example: "It's swak that I failed the test"

Check out the full Wikipedia list.

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qDot Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Also checkout Cape Town Slang Dictionary

pickledbushman Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hi there,

There is a complete list here:

That I found pretty funny.


OS GIKEN Wednesday, 30 May 2007

ja, but SA is so diverse you\'ll have to have slang for each seconds when someone talks back and awe and my nine nine gazie and mase ness and mase kind :cry

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